A Cutting-Edge Facility for Sonar Testing and Evaluation in India

SPACE A Cutting Edge Facility for Sonar Testing and Evaluation in India

Introduction In a significant step towards enhancing India’s naval capabilities, the Department of Defense (R&D) and Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility named Submersible Platform for Acoustic Characterization and Evaluation (SPACE) At the Underwater Acoustic Research Facility in Kulamavu, Idukki, Kerala. This state-of-the-art facility, established by DRDO’s Naval Physical … Read more

Dharamsala to get India’s first ‘hybrid pitch’


Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) stadium in Dharamshala becomes the first BCCI-recognised venue Installing a state-of-the-art ‘hybrid pitch’. This new technology is set to change the game, as future international and IPL matches will be played on this innovative track. Hybrid pitch technology comes to India Netherlands-based ‘SISGrass’, a part of the SIS Pitches group … Read more

List of Former Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

List of Former Chief Ministers of Rajasthan

The land of kings and vibrant culture, Rajasthan has seen the leadership of many leaders who have led the state through various phases of development and challenges. The post of Chief Minister, the highest executive authority in the state, has been held by individuals with diverse backgrounds, ideologies and viewpoints. Here, we present a comprehensive … Read more

Ram Charan Honored with Honorary Doctorate in Literature from Vels University

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At a prestigious event, University of Wales, Chennai Famous Indian actor awarded honorary doctorate in literature Ram Charan. This prestigious honor celebrates Charan’s remarkable contribution to the world of cinema and his deep impact on audiences around the world. 14th Annual Convocation of the University of Wales This honorary degree was awarded along with several … Read more

World Economic Forum names Nykaa’s Adwaita Nayar as a 2024 Young Global Leader

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World Economic Forum has given name Advaita Nair, As co-founder of Nykaa and CEO of Nykaa Fashion ‘2024 Young Global Leader’. This prestigious honor highlights Nair’s remarkable achievements as a change-maker and entrepreneur, cementing his place among the world’s most influential young leaders. World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders The World Economic Forum’s Young Global … Read more

Biggest Fort in India 2024, List of Top-10

Biggest Fort in India 2024

Known for its rich cultural heritage and architectural wonders, India is home to a number of magnificent forts that stand testimony to its glorious past. From towering citadels perched atop hills to vast complexes encircling bustling cities, these forts tell stories of valor, power and grandeur. Let’s start a journey to discover it Top 10 … Read more

Which Country was Known as “Golden Bird”?

Which Country was Known as Golden Bird

Historical adjective of India ““golden bird” or “golden bird”, In Hindi, boasts a legacy of wealth, prosperity and cultural richness spanning millennia. This revered surname symbolizes India’s extraordinary economic and cultural heritage, rooted in its abundant resources, strategic location, agricultural abundance and profound cultural contribution. Let us explore the multifaceted reasons behind India being called … Read more

how to download? Know complete details

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NIOS Board Syllabus: National School for Open Schooling (NIOS) Open Basic Education by (Open Basic Education), Secondary Certificate Course (Secondary Certificate Course)Senior Secondary Certificate Course (Senior Secondary Certificate Course), Vocational Education (Vocational Education) Courses related to. School level education is provided by this organization. Students through NIOS Self Learning Material Are being given. At different … Read more

Rohit Sharma Achieves Historic Milestone, Becomes First Indian to Hit 500 T20 Sixes

Rohit Sharma Achieves Historic Milestone Becomes First Indian to Hit 500 T20

In a remarkable display of power, India and Mumbai Indians star batsman Rohit Sharma Has become the first Indian cricketer to smash 500 sixes in T20 format. The historic feat was achieved during Rohit’s stellar performance in the Indian Premier League (IPL) match against Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Stadium. Vintage Rohit Shine Rohit … Read more

Kannada Poet Mamta G. Sagar Honored with Prestigious World Literary Prize

Kannada Poet Mamta G. Sagar Honored with Prestigious World Literary Prize

Mamta ji Sagar, A renowned Kannada poet, writer, academic and activist based in Bengaluru has added another feather to his cap by winning the prestigious World Literary Award From World Organization of Authors (WOW). This prestigious honor recognizes Sagar’s extraordinary contribution to the world of literature, cementing his position as a leading literary icon. Multidimensional … Read more

Iran Products List in India

Iran Products List in India

Iran, a country rich in history, culture and natural resources, has long been known for its excellent products spanning various industries. From delicious Persian rugs to fine saffron, Iran offers a wealth of goods that have found their way to markets around the world, including India. In recent years, the demand for Iranian products in … Read more