A book titled “From A Car Shed To The Corner Room & Beyond” by S. Raman

S. Raman’s autobiography, “From a Car Shed to the Corner Room and Beyond”, offers a first-person account About his remarkable journey from clerk in sbi to become Chairman and Managing Director of Canara Bank and a Whole Time Member of SEBI, The book explores The complex dance between personal integrity, professional challenges, and systemic issues in the financial world,

The trials and tribulations of a public sector banker

Raman’s difficulties Starting in 2018, years after his retirement, when he was questioned CBI Regarding loan given to Winsome Jewelery during his tenure Chairman of Credit Committee In Canara Bank. despite the bank Relatively small stake of 7.5% in the consortiumRaman faced look-out notice He was banned from traveling abroad, although no cases were officially filed against him.

The book sheds light on occupational hazards Especially public sector bankers had to face this high-value credit decisionsWhere officials may be subject to investigation and legal proceedings years after their tenure, even if their actions were in good faith.

A unique perspective on the financial sector

through his diverse experiences 46 yearsRaman offers unique miniatures From his time in various banks including Bank of India operations in Jersey, However, his most significant contribution was during his tenure Whole Time Member of SEBIwhere he played an important role To develop a stable regulatory framework for FPI investments, support the growth of the mutual fund industry and deal with issues under collective investment schemes,

A remarkable story of resilience and integrity

“From a Car Shed to the Corner Room and Beyond” is not just a memoir but also a memoir philosophical exploration Challenges faced by public servants in maintaining this personal integrity While navigating complex business environments. Raman’s story is reminiscent of many honest officials who have faced legal challenges for decisions taken in good faith during their careers.

the book paints a Photo of a home finance specialist what is left lies at its coreAs evidenced by his visit to the SBI branch in Hospet, where he started his career at the age of 19. Raman’s remarkable story is one Proof of Flexibility and Integrity Facing adverse circumstances, readers are left wishing for a resolution to his ongoing legal problems.

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