A Milestone in Women Empowerment

Defense Minister -Rajnath Singh inaugurated The first all-girl Sainik School in Vrindavan, Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. This unprecedented event marks a significant progress in women empowerment and educational reform in India. The Defense Minister described the initiative as a “golden moment in the history of women empowerment”.

About Samvid Gurukulam Girls Sainik School

Samvid Gurukulam Girls Sainik School, with a capacity of approximately 870 students, is part of a broader initiative to establish 100 new Sainik Schools across India in partnership with NGOs, private entities and state governments. The initiative is aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for girls aspiring to join the armed forces.

Courses and Training

Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school will provide education and training under the guidance of ex-servicemen. The institute plans to offer 120 seats with an emphasis on a curriculum that integrates the principles of the National Education Policy (NEP) to provide comprehensive and quality education.

Expanding opportunities for girl students

The decision to admit girl students in Sainik Schools starting from the 2021-22 academic session was officially approved by the Defense Minister in 2019. This progressive step, following the success of a pilot project at Sainik School Chhingchhip in Mizoram, reflects the country’s commitment towards gender equality in educational and career opportunities.

The vision behind the new Sainik Schools

The establishment of 100 new Sainik Schools is aimed at providing quality education in line with NEP and enhancing career prospects for students. The initiative is a part of the government’s effort to widen the scope of educational reforms and provide equal opportunities to students regardless of gender.

Rajnath Singh’s confession on Sadhvi Ritambhara

In his address, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also acknowledged the important contribution of Hindu nationalist thinker Sadhvi Ritambhara to the Ram Temple movement. This part of his speech outlined the broader context of cultural and historical significance within the nation.

Important questions related to exam

Q1. What is the significance of the inauguration of the first full-fledged Girls Sainik School in Vrindavan?
(a) Promoting cultural heritage
(b) Increasing participation of women in the armed forces
(c) To increase tourism in Mathura district.
(d) Focusing on spiritual education

Q2. What is the capacity of Samvid Gurukulam Girls Sainik School?
(A) about 500 students
(B) about 870 students
(c) more than 1000 students
(d) exactly 750 students

Q3. To which educational board is Samvid Gurukulam Girls Sainik School affiliated?
(c) Uttar Pradesh State Board
(d) International Baccalaureate

Q4. When was the decision to admit girl students in Sainik Schools officially approved?
(A) 2015
(B) 2017
(c) 2019
(d) 2021

Q5. What prompted the decision to set up new Sainik Schools across India?
(A) demand for military training
(b) Success of a pilot project in Mizoram
(c) To increase interest in sports and physical education
(d) Government’s focus on international cooperation

Please leave your answers in the comments section.

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