A Novel by Charu Nivedita

“Conversation with Aurangzeb” is a novel by Tamil literary icon Charu Nivedita, Translated into English by Nandini Krishnan. The book represents a unique blend of historical fiction and satirical commentary, providing readers with a fresh perspective on both historical and contemporary topics.

Overview of conversation with Aurangzeb

The novel is partly historical and partly satirical which begins with an attempt by a writer to hold a session with the spirit of Shah Jahan for a new book. However, the story takes an unexpected turn when Shahjahan is possessed by Aurangzeb, who hijacks the story. The ensuing conversation touches on a variety of topics from the emperors’ marketing strategies to rebellion, from Marxism to modern cultural references, culminating in a humorous but profound narrative.

Unique approach to historical fiction

“Conversations with Aurangzeb” is known for its genre-bending approach, blending historical elements with a modern satirical twist. The novel uses humor and wit to explore the complexities of power, religion, and society in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Literary influence of Charu Nivedita

Charu Nivedita is a well-known figure in Tamil literature, distinguished for boundary-breaking and post-modern writing. His novel “Zero Degrees” was first published in English translation, showcasing his unique style and thematic exploration. “Conversations with Aurangzeb” further cements his position as an important voice in Indian literature.

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