Abhinav Bindra selected as torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Olympics

ancient tradition of olympic torch relay continues its journey towards paris 2024, To cross the Mediterranean with Flame and set out on a 68-day adventure across France. Abhinav Bindra, India’s first individual Olympic gold medalist and member of the IOC Athletes Commission is one of the 11,000 torchbearers selected to carry the iconic symbol.

From Olympia to Marseille: a journey begins

Following the ceremonial lighting in Olympia, Greece, on April 16, the Olympic flame will travel to Athens before sailing to Marseille aboard the historic three-masted ship Belém. This unique mode of transport holds special significance, reflecting the ancient tradition of carrying athletes and officials to the Games by sea.

68 days of celebration: French torch relay

On 8 May, the flame reaches Marseille, marking the beginning of the French torch relay. Over the next 68 days, it will travel across 65 regions, carrying 11,000 torch bearers representing diverse backgrounds and communities. The aim of this nationwide celebration is to connect the entire country with the spirit of sports.

Abhinav Bindra: An Indian torch bearer for Paris 2024

Shooting legend and first Indian athlete to win an individual Olympic gold medal Abhinav Bindra has been selected as one of the torch bearers. Their inclusion reflects the unifying power of the Olympics and the celebration of sporting excellence on the global stage.

The Road to Paris 2024: Excitement grows

With the arrival of the Olympic flame in France, the excitement for Paris 2024 has reached a new level. The 68-day relay provides a unique opportunity for communities across the country to participate in the Olympic spirit and celebrate the values ​​of friendship, excellence and respect. As the countdown to the Games continues, the torch relay serves as a powerful reminder of the unifying power of sport and the global anticipation for Paris 2024.

Abhinav Bindra selected as torch bearer for 2024 Paris Olympics_40.1

Abhinav Bindra selected as torch bearer for 2024 Paris Olympics_50.1

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