Air India Fined Rs 1.1 Crore by Regulator For Safety Rule Violation

Air India, A huge fine of Rs.100 crore imposed on a subsidiary of Tata Group 1.1 crore From Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), The country’s aviation regulator for safety violations. The fine was imposed following a pilot’s report regarding inadequate emergency oxygen supply on Air India’s B777 aircraft, which are used crucially for long-haul flights.

Allegations and investigation

In October last year, a pilot had filed a complaint with the DGCA, alleging that Air India, an airline run by the Tata Group, Failed to provide adequate emergency oxygen on its B777 aircraft. The DGCA’s subsequent investigation confirmed the validity of the pilot’s concerns, leading to the fine.

Air India’s response

An Air India spokesperson opposed the DGCA decision, saying that a thorough investigation by internal and external experts had found no compromise on safety. The spokesperson emphasized the airline’s commitment to safety and announced plans to explore appeal options.

Importance of security compliance

DGCA’s action underlines the importance of strict adherence to safety regulations in the aviation industry. Adequate emergency oxygen is essential to ensure the safety of passengers and crew, especially on long-haul flights where access to emergency facilities may be limited. this is a fine Part of a series of regulatory interventions targeting the safety of Air India and operating practices.

Previous penalties and suspensions

Tata group unit Air India has faced fines and penalties for various violations including inadequate pilot rostering during low visibility conditions and delay in compensating passengers. its suspension approved training organization (ATO) highlights regulatory concerns over license security and compliance.

ensuring operational integrity

DGCA’s action reminds all airlines, including Tata Group’s Air India, of the critical importance of maintaining safety standards and regulatory compliance. It is imperative for airlines to prioritize safety measures to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew.

Important questions related to exam

1. Which regulatory body fined Air India for security violations?

2. Which type of aircraft was involved in the security breach by Air India?

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Regulator imposes fine of Rs 1.1 crore on Air India for violation of safety norms_40.1

Regulator imposes fine of Rs 1.1 crore on Air India for violation of safety norms_50.1

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