Anurag Thakur attends youth dialogue program on theme ‘My Bharat Mera Yuva Bharat’

Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur has inspired the youth to play an important role in building a strong and prosperous India. He was addressing the youth dialogue program organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra on the topic ‘My India, My Young India’ at Malala Auditorium, Diu.

Harnessing the power of youth for nation building

Thakur stressed the importance of channelizing the energy of the country’s youth into nation building. He urged them to actively contribute towards realizing the dream of a developed India by 2047. He highlighted the important role of youth in shaping a strong India and stressed the importance of sports in this endeavour.

Promoting Khelo India, Fit India and Drug Free India

The Union Sports Minister also talked about the government’s initiatives like Khelo India, Fit India and Drug Free India. He encouraged the youth to make sports a part of their lives, give priority to fitness and stay away from drugs. Thakur believes that by adopting these healthy habits they can become strong pillars of the nation.

Diu Beach Games Festival: A game changer for sports, culture and tourism

Thakur expressed his excitement about hosting the Beach Games Festival for the first time in Diu. He predicted that the Festival will revolutionize the field of sports and contribute significantly to the development of culture and tourism in the Union Territory.

key takeaways:

  • Anurag Thakur’s speech at the ‘Mera Bharat Mera Yuva Bharat’ dialogue program focused on motivating the youth to contribute to nation building.
  • He stressed the importance of channeling the youth’s energy into positive endeavors and encouraged them to adopt healthy habits.
  • Thakur expressed optimism about the potential of the Diu Beach Game Festival to revolutionize sports and promote culture and tourism in the region.

This article highlights the main points of Anurag Thakur’s speech at the Yuva Samvad programme. It emphasizes his message of hope and inspiration to the young generation and underlines the importance of their active participation in shaping India’s bright future.

Important questions related to exam

Q1. Who addressed the youth dialogue program organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra in Diu on the theme ‘My India, My Young India’?
One. Narendra Modi
B. Anurag Thakur
C. Nehru Yuva Kendra
D. Malala Auditorium

Q2. What was the main focus of Anurag Thakur’s address to the youth?
One. Economic Development
B. Nation building through youth
C. Environment protection
D. social justice

Q3. Anurag Thakur urged the youth to contribute in realizing which dream by 2047?
One. developed india
B. global peace
C. technological innovation
D. space exploration

Q4. According to the article, which important element did Anurag Thakur emphasize in building a strong India?
One. cultural heritage
B. technological advancement
C. capable youth
D. political stability

Q5. Which government initiatives did the Union Sports Minister mention during his speech?
One. Khelo India, Fit India and Drug Free India
B. Clean India Movement
C. Make in India
D. Digital India

Q6. What message did Anurag Thakur give to the youth regarding sports?
One. Don’t focus on sports, focus on education
B. Give priority to sports for a healthy lifestyle
C. Sports have no impact on national development
D. Focus only on competitive sports

Q7. What did Anurag Thakur predict about Diu Beach Games Festival?
One. This will not affect sports or tourism
B. This will lead to cultural decline
C. This will revolutionize sports and promote culture and tourism.
D. the festival will be canceled

Q8. According to the article, what is the topic of Youth Dialogue Programme?
One. My India, Our Future
B. my india my young india
C. youth for change
D. Youth of the country, pride of the country

Q9. What has been highlighted in the article as the main part of Anurag Thakur’s speech?
One. importance of economic development
B. Encouraging youth to stay away from sports
C. Inspiring youth for nation building
D. embracing cultural diversity

Q10. In which auditorium was the Youth Dialogue program held in Diu?
One. Nehru Auditorium
B. Diu Youth Hall
C. Malala Auditorium
D. National Sports Ground

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Anurag Thakur participated in the youth dialogue program on the topic 'My India, My Young India'_40.1

Anurag Thakur participated in youth dialogue program on the theme 'Mera Bharat Mera Yuva Bharat'_50.1

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