Army deploys advanced anti-drone defense systems along China border

In response to rising tensions on the northern borders China, Indian Army has begun a significant increase in its air defense capabilities. At the heart of this strategic maneuver is the deployment of state-of-the-art equipment Integrated Drone Detection and Interdiction System (IDD&IS), Developed domestically in collaboration between Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) And Bharat Electronics.

Mark-1 Variant IDD&IS: Advancing Indigenous Defense Technology

  • collaborative effort: Jointly developed by D R d o And Bharat Electronics, Mark-1 Variant IDD&IS Represents a milestone in India’s indigenous defense technology.
  • Multilevel Approach: These systems provide a multi-layered defense mechanism against hostile drones, combining jamming technology with “hard kill” measures using lasers, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Operational Capabilities of IDD and IS

  • Jamming Technology: Capable of disrupting drones within a radius of 2 to 5 kilometers, providing immediate countermeasures against potential threats.
  • Laser based interception: Using high-energy laser, the system can neutralize drones from a distance of more than 800 meters, ensuring strong defense capabilities.

deployment and expansion plans

  • Initial deployment: Seven IDD&IS units have been strategically deployed along the border, augmenting the Army Air Defense (AAD) network.
  • Future Rollouts: This deployment marks the first phase of a broader rollout plan, with subsequent iterations expected to feature extended intercept ranges for enhanced border security.

Continuous exploration of energy weapon systems directed by DRDO

  • Commitment to Innovation: DRDO is actively developing advanced directed energy weapon systems including high-powered microwaves and high-energy lasers to counter the growing drone threats.
  • Protection from drone swarms: These systems are designed to provide strong protection against potential drone swarms while ensuring the defense preparedness of the country.

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