Biggest Bus Stand in India, List of Top-10

India, with its vast and diverse landscape, boasts an extensive network of transportation, and bus stands play a vital role in connecting people across the country. As bustling hubs of activity, these bus stands serve as gateways to various areas, facilitating the movement of millions of passengers every day. Let’s dig deeper Top India’s 10 largest bus terminalsEach has its own unique characteristics and importance.

India’s largest bus stand 2024

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Vadodara Bus StationWhich is an important milestone in the modernization of public transport India’s largest bus stand by 2024, Together expenditure of about 114 croresThis five-storey structure 30,000 passengers travel dailyTravel facility on 800 buses. The terminal also has a huge commercial complex containing about 400 retail shops.

Main facts related to India’s largest bus stand

Some key facts related to Vadodara Bus Station, India’s largest bus stand, are as follows:

  • Vadodara Bus Stationinaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi In 2014Is India’s largest bus station.
  • development cost: About Rs 114 crore for this five-storey building.
  • daily capacity: Travel facility for 30,000 passengers in 800 buses.
  • commercial premises: Boasts of a huge complex with 400 retail outlets.
  • facilities: It has a food court, 22 outlets and a flea market.
  • future plans: The government intends to add a 7-screen PVR and a hotel with about 100 rooms.
  • Collectively, Vadodara Bus Station stands as the best in the country.

Top 10 largest bus terminals in the world by January 2024

Vadodara Bus StandLocated in Vadodaraholds the title of India’s largest bus standIt is followed by Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic Bus Station), and Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus.

Here is the list of top 10 largest bus stands in India as of January 2024:

World’s largest bus stand 2024
Post bus stand Place opened in
1. Vadodara Bus Station Vadodara 2014
2. Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic Bus Station) Bangalore 1960
3. Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal Chennai 2002
4. ISBT Delhi (Inter-State Bus Terminal) Kashmiri Gate, Delhi ,
5. Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (Imlibun Bus Station) Hyderabad ,
6. Pandit Nehru Bus Station vijayawada 1990
7. NTR Bus Station Guntur, Andhra Pradesh ,
8. KSRTC Bus Stand Hasan Reopened in 2010
9. Arapalayam Bus Terminal Madurai, Tamil Nadu ,
10. ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi 1996

India’s largest bus stand – Vadodara Bus Station

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Location: Vadodara

Opened: 2014

Vadodara Bus Stationwas inaugurated in 2014 By PM Narendra ModiIs India’s largest bus stand, with five storey structure cost 114 croresit Accommodates 30,000 passengers daily 800 buses, The station boasts of housing a huge commercial complex 400 retail shops, one food court, 22 outlets, and a flea market. Future plans include a 7-screen PVR and a 100-room hotel, making it a comprehensive transportation and entertainment hub.

Second largest bus stand – Kempegowda Bus Station (Majestic Bus Station)

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Location: Bengaluru

Opened: 1960

Kempegowda Bus Stationalso known as Majestic Bus Station in Bangalorestands as India’s second largest bus stand. year of establishment 1960 And having gone through several upgrades, it handles surprisingly adeptly. 8 lakh passengers daily, An important transportation hub, it reflects the bustling connectivity of the vibrant city.

India’s third largest bus stand – Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal

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Location: Chennai

Opened: 2002

Chennai Mofussil Bus TerminalHave secured your position as India’s third largest bus standcreep into 2002 with a budget of About 32 crores. sporting 160 platforms And integrated into the Chennai Metro route, it efficiently manages a regular inflow of 2000 buses to serve 200,000 passengers.

Largest bus stand in India, list of top-10_70.1

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