Biggest Cow Breed in the World, Know the Names of Top-10

Domesticated animals for thousands of years, they represent some of the largest and most influential animals on Earth. From massive bulls to towering ghunghrus, these majestic creatures mesmerize with their size and strength. In this article, we will delve into the world of cattle Top 10 Largest Cattle BreedsShowcasing their remarkable size and unique features.

world’s largest cow

chianina stands as Largest cow breed globallyoriginating from Tuscany, Italy. reach the heights of 2 meters and weighs more than 1,700 kilograms, These cows are the tallest and heaviest in the world. Known for their ancient lineage, they were historically used for hauling purposes, but are now bred primarily for beef production. With tough, parasite-resistant skin, Chianina cows easily adapt to hot climates, demonstrating their resilience and adaptability.

Top 10 largest cows in the world

chianina cow breed with Average weight more than 1,700 kg claims the title of world’s largest cowThis is followed by South Devon, Maine-Anjou, Glen Cattle and German Angus.

Here is the list of top 10 largest cows in the world:

world’s largest cows
Post Cow Original average weight
1. chianina tuscany,italia >1,700 kg
2. south devon United Kingdom 1,600 kg
3. main-anjou Anjou, France 1,400 kg
4. glen cattle Rhine-Palatinate, Germany u to 1,200kg
5. German Angus Germany 1,200 kg
6. montbeliarde Montbéliard, France up to 1,200 kg
7. parthenas Deux-Sevres, France up to 1,150 kg
8. limousine Limousin/Marche, France 1,100 kg
9. bazadais Bordeaux, France up to 1,100 kg
10. Charolais Charolais, France up to 1,100 kg

World’s largest cow breed – Chianina

World's largest cow breed, know the names of top-10_40.1

Origin:Tuscany, Italy

Average weight: over 1,700 kg

Height: 2m

chianinaoriginating from tuscany,italiastands as Largest cattle breed globallyreach Height of 2 meters and weight of more than 1,700 kg, Famous for beef production, they were also popular as draft cattle. With resilience to hot climates and parasite resistance, they are one of the oldest and strongest breeds.

World’s second largest cow breed – South Devon

World's largest cow breed, know the names of top-10_50.1

Origin: United Kingdom

Average weight: 1,600 kg

south devonIs known “gentle giant“,” is from United Kingdom and ranks as The largest indigenous cattle breed. average 1,600 kg, with some reaching 2,000 kg, They excel in both meat and milk production. working with oxen up to 12 years of age and cows Reproduction up to 15 yearsTheir longevity and productivity make them prized in industry.

World’s third largest cow – Maine-Anjou

World's largest cow breed, know the names of top-10_60.1

Origin: Anjou, France

Average weight: 1,400 kg

main-anjouarise from Anjou region of France, is renowned for its versatility in milk and beef production. Weight about 1,400 kgThese cows are respected for their muscular development and fattening easily. Despite occasionally temperamental bulls, their maternal instincts and high quality milk provide well-nourished calves, making them valuable assets to farmers.

World's largest cow breed, know the names of top-10_70.1

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