Biggest Jail in India 2024, List of Top-10

India, with its diverse population and complex legal system, has many prisons spread across the country. These correctional facilities are essential for maintaining law and order as well as for the rehabilitation of criminals. In this article, we will delve deeper Top 10 largest prisons in IndiaTheir capabilities and importance in the criminal justice system were highlighted.

What are prisons?

Prisons are facilities designed for Temporary detention of persons who are awaiting trial, sentencing, or short-term sentencing, These institutions are part of the broader criminal justice system and serve as a means of holding individuals accountable for alleged criminal activities. Jails differ from prisons primarily in terms of length of stay, type of prisoners, and purpose of imprisonment.

How many prisons are there in India?

India’s prison system It contains a total of 1,306 facilitiesWhich are classified into different types based on their functions. These include145 central jails, 413 district jails, 565 sub jails, 88 open jails, 44 special jails, 29 women jails, 19 borstal schools and 3 other jails., Each of these facilities serves a specific purpose, ranging from housing individuals at the central and district levels to providing open and specialized confinement environments, including care for women and juveniles. This diverse range of correctional facilities reflects the comprehensive nature of India’s approach to the management and rehabilitation of offenders.

India’s largest jail

Tihar Jail is located in Delhistands as South Asia’s largest prison complex Since its establishment in 1957, it has nine central prisons. 5200 prisoners can be kept in it, Functioning as a rehabilitation centre, it provides prisoners with skills for social reintegration using innovative approaches such as music therapy through music programmes. Additionally, Tihar operates an industrial center producing goods under the name “”.Tihar,

Top 10 largest prisons in India in 2024

Tihar Jail is located in New Delhiwhich is included area of ​​400 acres Is India’s largest jailAfter this there are Yerwada Central Jail, Naini Central Jail and Puzhal Central Jail.

Here is the list of top 10 largest prisons in India in 2024:

India’s biggest prisons
Post Jail Place Area
1. Tihar Jail New Delhi, Delhi 400 acres
2. Yerwada Central Jail Pune, Maharashtra 512 acres
3. Naini Central Jail Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 237 acres
4. Puzhal Central Jail Chennai, Tamil Nadu 211 acres
5. Rajahmundry Central Jail Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh 196 acres
6. Vellore Central Jail Vellore, Tamil Nadu 153 acres
7. Patiala Central Jail Patiala, Punjab 110 acres
8. Alipore Central Jail Kolkata, West Bengal 40 acres
9. Parappana Agrahara Central Jail Bengaluru, Karnataka 40 acres
10. Gaya Central Jail Gaya, Bihar 31 acres

India’s largest jail – Tihar Jail

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Location: New Delhi

Area: 400 acres

Established: 1957

Tihar Jail, recognized as Largest prison complex in IndiaIt is located Delhi, operating from 1957This includes The capacity of nine central jails is 5200 prisoners., Functioning as a rehabilitation centre, Tihar Jail focuses on providing skills for effective prisoner reintegration. Innovative methods, such as music therapy through music programs, contribute to a holistic approach. Additionally, the jail runs an industrial center named Tihar producing various products, thereby increasing business opportunities for the prisoners.

India’s second largest prison – Yerwada Central Jail

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Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Area: 512 acres

Establishment: Over 150 years

Yerwada Central JailThe India’s second largest prisonIt is a high security facility located in Pune, Maharashtra. spread over 500 acresIt also includes an open prison within the complex. It is noteworthy that Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned here during the freedom struggle. Currently, it 3600 prisoners live in itWhich reflects its historical importance in contributing to India’s correctional system and strong security measures.

India’s third largest jail – Naini Central Jail

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Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Area: 237 acres

Naini Central Jail, India’s third largest jailis located near Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, established during British ruleThis prison covers an open prison as well as a high security area. with a significant ability to there are 3000 prisoners here, Naini Central Jail It plays an important role in the Indian correctional system, combining historical significance with modern security measures and rehabilitation practices.

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