Biggest jail in the World 2024, List of Top-10

Prisons stand as symbols of social justice and prevention, designed to rehabilitate criminals while ensuring public safety. Around the world, many correctional facilities vary in size, capacity, and operating standards. Many of them are known for their remarkable scale and ability to captivate. Here, we delve deeper into world’s largest prisonsTheir importance and scale were highlighted.

world’s largest prison 2024

New Bilibid PrisonLocated in Muntinlupa, Philippinesstands as Largest prison globally in 2024, year of establishment 1940It initially served as an internment camp. Japanese occupation, designed for 6,345 prisonersIt now suffers from overcrowding, accommodating one A staggering 28,500 prisoners, As the country’s primary maximum-security facility, it detains dangerous criminals. Recent years have seen the prison embroiled in controversies over illegal drugs, weapons, corruption and human rights violations.

Top 10 largest prisons in the world by 2024

New Bilibid Prison, located in Muntinlupa, Philippineswith total number 28,500 prisonersclaims the title of world’s largest prison This is followed by Silivri Prison, Klong Prem Central Prison and Los Angeles County Prison.

Here is the list of top 10 largest prisons in the world by 2024:

The world’s largest prisons 2024
Post the prison Place number of prisoners
1. New Bilibid Jail Muntinlupa, Philippines 28,500
2. silivri gel Silivri, Türkiye 22,000
3. Klong Prem Central Jail Bangkok, Thailand up to 20,000
4. Los Angeles County Jail Los Angeles, USA 19,836
5. Tihar Jail West Delhi, India 19,500
6. Rikers Island New York City, United States 13,849
7. Harris County Jail Texas, USA 10,044
8. Maricopa County Jail Phoenix, Arizona, United States 9,265
9. Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States 8,811
10. Metro West Detention Center Miami, Florida, United States 7,050

The largest prison in the world – New Bilibid Prison

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Location: Muntinlupa, Philippines

Total number of prisoners: 28,500

Established: 1940

New Bilibid Jailyear of establishment 1940 In Muntinlupa, Philippinesstands as The world’s largest prison. Originally an internment camp during the Japanese occupation, it now houses a residence. A staggering 28,500 prisoners, more than that Expected capacity of 6,345. As the primary maximum-security facility in the country, it faces challenges including illicit drugs, weapons, corruption and human rights violations.

The second largest prison in the world – Silivri Prison

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Location: Silivri, Türkiye

Total number of prisoners: 22,000

silivri gel stands as The world’s second largest prison And Europe’s largest correctional facilityBoasts of modern, high-security structures. Initially designed for 11,000 prisoners, it now accommodates a population far beyond its capacity. The facility has attracted attention for detaining prominent figures such as politicians and journalists, yet faces criticism for substandard living conditions and allegations of human rights violations.

The third largest prison in the world – Klong Prem Central Prison

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Total number of prisoners: up to 20,000

Klong Prem Central Jailyear of establishment 1944Ranks as The world’s third largest prison And Thailand’s largest correctional facility, Housing prisoners of different nationalities, approximately 30% of its population foreigners included, During the COVID-19 pandemic, the prison converted five buildings into field hospitals for infected inmates. Known for detaining high-profile individuals, it accommodates political prisoners, drug offenders, and various criminals.

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