Biggest Library in the World, List of Top-10

Revered as timeless bastions of knowledge, libraries have stood as formidable institutions for millennia. Over the course of history, these institutions have amassed vast collections of books, government documents, and various media forms. Currently, the libraries listed here boast some of the most extensive collections globally, surpassing others in sheer volume and diversity.

World’s largest library 2023

library of Congress:to rule as The largest library globally in 2023The Library of Congress boasts a huge catalog 160 million itemsWith more than an impressive annual budget 600 million US dollars, It serves as the designated repository for united states congressFulfilling its official role, Reader also extends access to academic researchers holding a credential, although with the restriction that the content can only be used on the site.

Main facts related to the world’s largest library

  • Architectural Wonders: The Library of Congress occupies three stunning buildings on the Capitol grounds—the Thomas Jefferson Building (1897), the John Adams Building (1938), and the James Madison Memorial Building (1981).
  • Historical Flexibility: Established in 1800, the library suffered the British torch in 1814 and was rebuilt by acquiring Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection of 6,487 books.
  • Global Impact: While serving the US Congress, the Library of Congress has global influence, allowing US libraries to borrow items through interlibrary loan (limited to the borrowing library).
  • Cultural Treasures: Housing a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence and one of three ancient vellum copies of the Gutenberg Bible made from animal skin.
  • Technical Feature: A leading global source for high quality MARC records through Z39.50, helping libraries around the world provide the data they need for their collections.
  • Visitor Experience: Open to the public, the Library of Congress offers free guided tours, providing an in-depth exploration of human knowledge for visitors exploring Washington DC.

World’s largest libraries, list of top 10

library of CongressLocated in Washington, DC, USAholds the title of The world’s largest library, This is followed by the British Library, New York Public Library, Library and Archives Canada and Shanghai Library.

here is the list Top 10 largest libraries in the world:

World’s largest libraries
Post Library Number of items in catalog Place year open
1. library of Congress 167 million+ Washington, DC, USA 1800
2. British Library 150 million+ London, England, United England 1973
3. New York Public Library 55 million+ New York City, New York, USA 1911
4. Library and Archives Canada 54 million+ Ottawa, Canada 2004
5. Shanghai Library 50 million+ Shanghai, China 1952
6. Russian State Library 47 million+ Moscow, Russia 1862
7. National Diet Library 41.8 million+ Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan 1948
8. Bibliothèque Nationale de France 40 million+ Paris, France 14th century
9. National Library of Russia 37.89 million+ Saint Petersburg, Russia 1795
10. National Library of China 37.68 million+ Beijing, China 1909

World’s largest library – Library of Congress

World's largest libraries, list of top-10_40.1

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Number of items in catalog: 167 million+

Visitors per year: about 1.9 million

Year of inauguration: April 24, 1800

library of CongressThe The world’s largest librarya stunning house 167 million items, which includes 39 million books, 3.6 million recordings, 14.8 million photographs, 5.5 million maps, 8.1 million sheet music, and 72 million manuscripts. Functioning as the US National Library, it is an important research center and copyright registration center, Processing over 450,000 claims in 2017,

World’s second largest library – British Library

World's largest libraries, list of top-10_50.1

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Number of items in catalog: 150 million+

Visitors per year: 1.48 million

Year of inauguration: July 1, 1973

stands as the British Library in London Second largest library globally, rivaled only by the Library of Congress. boasts a huge collection over 150 million itemsWith an annual addition of 3 million new objects, it is a monumental institution housing the largest public building constructed in the United Kingdom in the 20th century, Spread over 12,000 square meters,

The largest library in the world – New York Public Library

World's largest libraries, list of top-10_60.1

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Number of items in catalog: 55 million+

Visitors per year: 17.3 million

Year of opening: May 23, 1911

Ranked as New York Public Library, third largest globally claims a collection Over 55 million books and research materials. Although smaller than the British Library and the Library of Congress, it attracts significantly 17 million annual visitors, almost eight times more than their larger counterparts. Covering 92 locations in New York City and its environs, including the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, it stands as a widely accessible cultural and educational resource.

World's largest libraries, list of top-10_70.1

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