Cabinet Approves India-USAID MoU For Railways’ Net-Zero Emission Goal

As an important step towards sustainable development, the Union Cabinet was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra ModiHas given its approval to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The focus of this collaboration is to support Indian Railways To achieve ‘net zero carbon emissions’ by the ambitious target year of 2030.

Signing of MoU

The MOU, originally signed in June last year, was a significant occasion Naveen Gulati, a distinguished Railway Board member, and Isabelle Coleman, USAID Deputy Administrator. This collaboration envisions a comprehensive framework to strengthen sustainability within the Indian Railways system.

Objectives of MOU

The primary objectives of this strategic alliance are Facilitating utility modernization, deploying advanced energy solutions and systems, promoting regional energy and market integration, Encouraging private sector participation and engagement, and organizing training sessions and workshops. The focus of these initiatives will be on specific technology areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency.

reduce dependence on imported fuel

An essential aspect of the MoU is to assist Indian Railways in reducing Dependence on imported fuels like diesel and coal. Instead, the collaborative effort seeks to develop a strong energy efficiency policy that aligns with global sustainable practices.

long term energy planning

Also addresses matters related to the MoU Long Term Energy Plan, which aims to guide Indian Railways in adopting clean energy practices. It emphasizes providing technical assistance, planning clean energy procurement, and charting a course for a sustainable and efficient future.

collaborative initiative

To ensure the success of the MoU, both sides are committed to collaborative initiatives Hosting events, conferences and capacity-building programs, These activities will serve as platforms to share knowledge, promote innovation and exchange of ideas on clean energy technologies.

Role of USAID/India

USAID/India, known for its role in supporting international development, has been instrumental in assisting India in economic development, agriculture, trade, clean energy, global health, democracy, humanitarian assistance, climate change issues, and conflict management. Will play a role.

duration and scope

there is an MOU Set to be effective for the next five yearsclosing at the end of South Asia Regional Energy Partnership (SAREP). This extended period underlines the commitment of both countries towards achieving sustainable and carbon-neutral railway operations.

Important questions related to exam

1. Who signed the MoU on behalf of India?

a) Narendra Modi
b) Naveen Gulati
c) Isabel Coleman

2. How long is the MoU between India and USAID effective?

A) 2 years
B) 5 years
c) 10 years

3. What is the target year for Indian Railways to achieve ‘net zero carbon emissions’?

A) 2025
B) 2030
c) 2040

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