China, Iran, and Russia Stage Joint Naval Drills in Gulf of Oman

naval forces of China, Iran and Russia Started a joint exercise near gulf of oman, Its purpose is to protect regional maritime security. “Safety Belt-2024” This exercise is the fourth time since 2019 that these countries have conducted such an exercise.

safety belt-2024 exercise description

  1. Duration: Practice started on Monday and will continue till Friday.
  2. Theme: “Jointly Building Peace and Security”
  3. Phases: The exercise is divided into three phases: port phase, sea phase and summary phase.
  4. Training courses: The main focus is on anti-piracy and search and rescue operations.

participating forces

  1. China: Three warships of the 45th Escort Task Force, including the guided missile destroyer Urumqi, the guided missile frigate Linyi, and the broad replenishment ship Dongpinghu.
  2. Iran: More than 10 ships, including the frigates Alborz and Jamran.
  3. Russia: Guided missile cruiser Varyag and large anti-submarine warfare frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov.

Purpose and importance

  1. To enhance cooperation and exchanges between the three navies.
  2. Demonstration of collective will and capacity to safeguard maritime security.
  3. Contribute to building a maritime community with a shared future.
  4. To promote traditional friendship and interoperability at sea.
  5. To enhance practical cooperation and ensure navigation safety in international sea lanes.

observer country

messenger from aAzerbaijan, India, Kazakhstan, Oman, Pakistan and South Africa are participating in the exercise as observers, indicating recognition of the objectives of the exercise.

non-confrontational approach

According to experts, this exercise does not target any third country or existing regional tensions. It aims to promote peace and stability in the region with a multilateral and inclusive approach.

Refutation of western narratives

Chinese military experts have rejected Western media reports linking the trilateral exercises to ongoing tensions in the Middle East. He stressed that the Gulf of Oman is an important international maritime route that requires peace and stability, which the exercise aims to facilitate.

The joint naval exercise between China, Iran and Russia highlights their commitment to enhance maritime security through cooperation and regular exercises, without targeting any specific country or conflict.

China, Iran and Russia conducted joint naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman_40.1

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