DBS Bank India announces $250 million lending support for start-ups, ‘new economy’ companies

DBS Bank India Announced loan commitment of Rs. 250 million usd For new age start-ups, showcasing its dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in India’s thriving start-up ecosystem. more than 90,000 start-ups and even more 100 unicorns In India, access to capital remains a significant challenge for these companies until 2024, despite increasing flexibility.

Initiative Overview:

  • dbs bank india scheduled 250 million usd To provide loan assistance to start-ups.
  • Focuses on enterprises leveraging emerging technologies to redefine industry standards.
  • It aims to address the existing challenge of capital access for start-ups in India.

Advanced Risk Assessment Framework:

  • Combines traditional metrics with modern analytical tools for risk assessment.
  • Ensures a balanced approach to financing start-ups.

Customized Banking Solutions:

  • DBS Bank India offers customized banking solutions tailored to the needs of start-ups.
  • The evaluation process ensures that the solutions match the dynamics of industry innovators.

Special Benefits for Start-ups:

  • Provides exclusive benefits from various partners to promote agility and growth.
  • initiatives like Establishment of DBS BusinessClass Connect with start-ups and incubators across India.

About DBS Bank:

  • Leading financial services group in Asia with presence in 19 markets.
  • Recognized for global leadership and innovation in digital banking.
  • Committed to responsible banking and sustainability initiatives.

DBS Bank India Presence:

  • operations in india for 29 years, To provide banking services to enterprises and consumers.
  • The first major foreign bank in India to operate as a wholly owned, locally incorporated subsidiary.
  • network of approx. 530 branches across 19 Indian states.

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