District with Most Forest Area in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, known for its cultural richness and huge population, boasts of diverse landscapes including dense forests. out of its 75 districtsEach with its own unique characteristics, sOnbhadra is the district with the most extensive forest cover.R. In this article we will know about the districts of Uttar Pradesh with maximum forest area.

Total number of districts in Uttar Pradesh

with A total of 75 districts falling under 18 divisionsUttar Pradesh is a large state with diverse administrative units. from the smallest district of biggest hapud, Lakhimpur KheriEach region offers its own unique attractions and resources.

Total forest area of ​​Uttar Pradesh

Despite its urban centres, Uttar Pradesh Maintains significant forest cover, constitutes About 6.88% of its geographical area, Located primarily in the Terai and Bhabar regions along the Gangetic plains, these forests are home to diverse flora and fauna including the majestic Sal and giant Haldu trees.

District with maximum forest area

Sonbhadra Emerges as a district with Largest forest area in Uttar Pradeshto rant Impressive 2540.29 square kilometers Of lush greenery. A number of wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas are located amidst this lush landscape, which contribute to the biodiversity of the state.

Ecological importance of the district with highest forest area in Uttar Pradesh

The forests of Sonbhadra district play an important role in maintaining ecological balance and mitigating climate change. They serve as carbon sinks, absorbing greenhouse gases and purifying the air we breathe. In addition, these woodlands harbor a large number of endemic species, contributing to the state’s biodiversity hotspot status.

District with highest forest area in Uttar Pradesh – Mineral wealth

Apart from its lush green forests, Sonbhadra is famous for its abundant mineral deposits. district is one Treasure of Coal, Potash and Sillimanite, making it a significant contributor to India’s mineral industry. However, the extraction of these resources must be balanced with sustainable practices to protect the natural heritage of the area.

District with highest forest area in Uttar Pradesh_40.1

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