Dr Mansukh Mandaviya launches Credit Assistance Program for Jan Aushadhi Kendras

Dr. Mansukh Mandaviyacentral minister Chemicals & Fertilizers and Health & Family Welfareled to the inauguration of a credit assistance program aimed at promoting Jan Aushadhi Kendra all over India. The programme, launched through collaboration between SIDBI And PMBI, Reiterating the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, underlines the Government’s commitment to increasing access and affordability of medicines ‘Sanjeevani’ For the deprived.

Main idea:

Expansion of Jan Aushadhi Kendra Network:

  • Dr. Mandaviya Substantial growth of Jan Aushadhi Kendras highlighted 80 units in 2014 approx 11,000 Units operating across the country today.
  • These centers are called ‘Sanjeevani’ Act as a vital health care lifeline for the poor, both rural and urban populations, by Prime Minister Modi.

Financial Assistance and Entrepreneurship Incentives:

  • Minister Mandaviya appreciated the efforts of the Central Government in providing financial assistance to individual operators, especially in remote areas, to promote entrepreneurship and increase access to affordable health care.
  • The credit support programme, facilitated through an MoU between SIDBI and PMBI, aims to provide project loans up to Rs 2 lakh at competitive interest rates to Jan Aushadhi Kendra operators.

Collaboration between SIDBI and PMBI:

  • The MoU between SIDBI and PMBI was described as an important step towards strengthening and modernizing the Jan Aushadhi Kendra network.
  • This collaboration aims to increase the reach and impact of the center network, particularly benefiting small and new entrepreneurs associated with these centres.

Government Objectives and Program Details:

  • This initiative is in line with the government’s broader objective of promoting ease of doing business and leveraging digital infrastructure for economic empowerment.
  • Credit assistance program is dependent on GST and India Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), Provides unsecured working capital loans to small businesses, addressing their financing needs and ensuring sustainability and growth.

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