EC Ropes in Ayushmann Khurrana to Urge Youth to Vote

Election Commission of India (ECI) Has added a popular actor Ayushmann Khurrana To encourage youth to exercise their franchise in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The 39-year-old actor features in ECI’s campaign video that urges youth to vote in the upcoming elections.

Importance of voting

,every vote counts And every vote is important, voting is a symbol Empowerment in a democratic nation Like us,” the actor said.

ECI praise

Santosh Ajmera, Director of Voter Education ECI, New Delhi, praised Khurana aims to support ECI’s campaign Addressing urban and youth apathy In electoral participation,

ECI’s mission objectives

Ajmera said, “The film is a commentary on individual behaviour, in which voting day is often treated as a holiday and hundreds of excuses are offered for not voting, but it conveys a beautiful message and a cause That’s why anyone should vote.”

“Ayushmann Khurrana’s acting is extremely impressive and impressive and is loved by his followers, mostly the young generation. ECI seeks to harness Ayushman’s potential and reach to motivate and mobilize youth to voteAs an important democratic practice and a duty to the future,” he said.

Lok Sabha Elections

Lok Sabha Elections to be held in seven steps From 19 April, counting of votes will be taken on 4th June,

The article highlights the Election Commission of India’s initiative to involve actor Ayushmann Khurrana in encouraging the youth to actively participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections by exercising their right to vote. This emphasizes the importance of youth participation in the democratic process and the potential impact of Khurana’s influence on mobilizing young voters.

Important points for all competitive exams:

  • Formation of Election Commission of India: 25 January 1950;
  • Election Commission of India Headquarters: New Delhi;
  • Chief Election Commissioner of India: Rajiv Kumar.

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