Etihad Airways Takes Flight as Official Sponsor of CSK

Etihad Airways ties up with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) As their official sponsor, an exciting new chapter begins for both organizations. This strategic partnership, announced on February 9, 2024, promises to take the excitement of cricket to new heights for fans across the globe.

A match made in cricket heaven

CSK, one of the most successful and beloved franchises in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has a loyal fan base extending beyond the borders of India. Etihad Airways, a global airline renowned for its premium services and innovative approach, shares the same commitment to excellence and passion for connecting people across cultures.

building on shared values

Both institutions stand on a foundation of shared values:

  • Excellence: Strive for continuous improvement and deliver exceptional experiences.
  • innovation: Embracing new ideas and pushing boundaries to create something special.
  • Passion: To fill every endeavor with dedication and true enthusiasm.
  • Global Connection: Bringing people together and promoting understanding through their respective domains.

exciting profitable partnerships

This collaboration isn’t just about the logo and jersey. It promises many exciting benefits for fans, including:

  • Special Travel Offers: Special deals for CSK fans traveling with Etihad Airways.
  • Better match day experience: Special activations and promotions at CSK home games.
  • Behind the Scenes Access: CSK got a chance to see action like never before.
  • Community Engagement Initiative: Joint projects promoting sports and healthy living.

flying into the future

The Etihad Airways-CSK partnership is not just a sponsorship; This is a journey. Together, they aim to:

  • Enhance the fan experience: Creating unforgettable memories for cricket lovers around the world.
  • Promote cricket game: Reaching new audiences and inspiring future generations.
  • Strengthen cultural understanding: Building bridges between different communities through their shared love of sports.

This collaboration is a significant moment not only for the two entities involved, but for the wider world of cricket. As their shared journey takes off, one thing is certain: the future promises to be full of exciting possibilities, flying high on the wings of passion, innovation and love for the game.

Important facts about all competitive exams

  • Etihad Airways Headquarters: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates;
  • Etihad Airways Year established: 2003.

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