France Takes Digital Leap with Online Schengen Visas for Paris Olympics

In a pioneering move, France has become the first EU member to introduce full Digital Schengen Visa for the 2024 Olympics And the Paralympic Games in Paris. Starting January 1, 2024, the newly launched “Olympic Consulate” system operates through the France-Visa portal, streamlining the application process for 15,000 international athletes, 9,000 journalists and foreign delegations.

Online processing through “Olympic Consulate”

Applications for 70,000 visas will be processed exclusively online, to avoid flooding them with other visa requests. This unprecedented initiative is in line with the EU’s digitization plans for the Schengen visa, marking a significant change in visa application processes.

Integration with Accreditation Card

In an innovative approach, approved visas will not be linked to passports. Instead, they will be seamlessly integrated into recognition cards, with the aim of increasing efficiency and convenience for participants.

Strategic measures for safety and efficiency

France’s proactive approach is aimed at ensuring timely issuance of visas, which is crucial for the smooth conduct of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With the country hosting these events for the first time in a century, France is making strategic investments in security measures to safeguard the Games, showing its commitment to a successful and safe international sporting event.

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