Gallantry Award Winners Announced By President Draupadi Murmu on 25th January

Bravery Award Winner 2024

President Draupadi Murmu announced 80 gallantry awards For the Indian Armed Forces on Thursday, January 25, these include Recipient of six Kirti Chakras and 16 Shaurya Chakras, These awards recognize extraordinary bravery and gallantry displayed by members of the armed forces in the line of duty.

What are gallantry awards?

Gallantry Award in India is a prestigious honor given to individuals extraordinary acts of bravery and valor, Kirti Chakra stands as Country’s second largest peacetime gallantry awardFollowing Ashoka ChakraWhen Shaurya Chakra is at third place in recognition of peace.,

In times of conflict, the Param Vir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and Vir Chakra are the three highest wartime gallantry awards awarded to personnel who show extraordinary bravery and determination in the face of adversity. These awards serve as a symbol of the nation’s deep appreciation for the courage and sacrifice displayed by individuals in both peacetime and wartime situations.

Categories of Gallantry Awards

Gallantry awards are classified into two main groups:

1. Bravery in front of the enemy:

  • PVC
  • Mahavir Chakra (MVC)
  • Veer Chakra

2. Gallantry other than gallantry in the face of the enemy:

  • Ashoka Chakra
  • Kirti Chakra
  • Shaurya Chakra

These distinctions recognize acts of valor and courage displayed in the face of enemy forces, as well as instances where bravery is displayed in other challenging situations. The award symbolizes the nation’s appreciation for those individuals who display extraordinary courage and selflessness in the line of duty.

Kirti Chakra Award Winner 2024

Kirti Chakra stands as Country’s second largest peacetime gallantry award, Check out the names of Kirti Chakra Award winners:

  1. Major Digvijay Singh Rawat of 21st Battalion (Parachute Regiment, Special Forces)
  2. Major Deependra Vikram Basnet from the 4th battalion of the Sikh Regiment.
  3. Havildar Pawan Kumar Yadav from the 21st battalion of Mahar Regiment.
  4. Captain Anshuman Singh from the 26th Battalion of the Punjab Regiment (Army Medical Corps)
  5. Havildar Abdul Majid of the 9th Battalion (Special Forces) of the Parachute Regiment
  6. Constable Pawan Kumar from 55th battalion of Rashtriya Rifles

Shaurya Chakra Award Winner 2024

The names of Shaurya Chakra Award winners are as follows:

  1. Major Maneo Francis of the 21st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment
  2. Major Amandeep Jakhar from the fourth battalion of the Sikh Regiment.
  3. Naib Subedar Bairia Sanjay Kumar Bhamar Singh of Mahar Regiment
  4. Havildar Sanjay Kumar from 9 Assam Rifles
  5. Parshotam Kumar (civilian) from Rashtriya Rifles
  6. Indian Navy Lieutenant Bimal Ranjan Behera
  7. Wing Commander Shailesh Singh (Pilot) of the Indian Air Force.
  8. Flight Lieutenant Hrishikesh Jayan Karuthedath (Pilot) of the Indian Air Force.
  9. CRPF Assistant Commandant Vibhor Kumar Singh
  10. Mohan Lal from Jammu and Kashmir Police
  11. Amit Raina from Jammu and Kashmir Police
  12. Faroz Ahmed Dar from Jammu and Kashmir Police
  13. Varun Singh from Jammu and Kashmir Police
  14. Captain MV Pranjal of 63rd battalion of Rashtriya Rifles
  15. Rifleman Alok Rao of 18 Assam Rifles

Apart from these awards, 53 Sena Medals (seven posthumous), one Nao Sena Medal (gallantry) and four Vayu Sena Medals (gallantry)The personnel were honored by President Murmu.

Important questions related to exam

Q1. Who announced gallantry awards for Indian Armed Forces in 2024?
Q2. How many Kirti Chakra recipients were there in the 2024 gallantry awards?
Q3. Name the categories of gallantry awards in India.
Q4. Who are the recipients of Kirti Chakra in 2024?
Q5. Which armed forces personnel received the Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry) in 2024?
Q6. Who received the Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry) in 2024?

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