General Knowledge (GK) Quiz on Archery

Archery, a sport deeply rooted in history and tradition, has evolved into a highly competitive and respected discipline. From ancient warfare to modern Olympic competitions, archery has enthralled people around the world. Are you ready to test your knowledge about this fascinating game? Take our archery quiz and see how well you do!

An Overview of Archery

archeryderived from The Latin word “arcus”., means to bow down, is the art of shooting arrows using a bow. It was initially used for hunting and warfare, but has now developed into a popular competitive sport and recreational activity. The goal of the participants, known as archers, archers or toxophilites, is to achieve accuracy and skill in hitting targets with their bow and arrow.

gk quiz on archery

Archery, derived from the Latin word “arcus” meaning bow, is the art of shooting arrows using a bow. test your knowledge with this Archery Quiz! Challenge yourself with questions about famous archers, historical bows, Olympic events and more. Learn fascinating facts and expand your understanding of this ancient game.

Q1. In which modern Olympic Games did archery reappear as a competitive sport?

A) 1908

B) 1948

c) 1972

d) 1988

S1. Answer. (C)

Sol. Archery returned to the Olympic Games in 1972 and has remained on the program since then. During this modern era, the competition format has evolved towards exciting, easily accessible and broadcast-friendly head-to-head matchplay.

Q2. What is the innermost circle on a standard archery target called?

A) gold

b) red

c) white

d) blue

S2. Answer. (A)

Sol. For target archery, the center is yellow and is called “gold”.

Q3. Which country has the credit for the invention of the modern compound bow?

A) United States

B) England

c) China

d) Türkiye

S3. Answer. (A)

Sol. The compound bow was invented in the United States in 1966 as a more mechanically efficient archery tool than the traditional recurve or longbow.

Q4. What is the handle or middle part of the bow called where the archer holds it?

a grip

b) knock

c) riser

d) organ

S4. Answer. (C)

Sol. The riser is the middle part of the bow that an archer holds and is also the part that holds the other pieces together. Recurve bow risers or handles are made of wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, or a combination of these materials.

Q5. In which ancient civilization was archery widely used in warfare?

A) Greek

B) Roman

c) Egypt

d) Persian

S5. Answer. (C)

Sol. The earliest evidence of archery dates back to the late Paleolithic period, around 10,000 BC, when the Egyptian and neighboring Nubian cultures used bow and arrow archery for hunting and warfare purposes.

Q6. What material is usually used to make fletching of arrows?

A) plastic vane

b) feather

c) metal

d) wood

S6. Answer. (A)

Sol. The most common type of fletching used by modern archers around the world is the plastic vane. Durable, strong, inexpensive and easy to use, there are thousands of different shapes, colors, sizes and brands available.

Q7. Who is known as the god of archery in Greek mythology?

A) Apollo

B) Zeus

c) athena

d) Hermes

S7. Answer. (A)

Sol. The national divinity of the Greeks, Apollo is recognized as the god of archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, sun and light, poetry and much more. He is the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

Q8. What is the name of the society formed by Sir Ashton Lever in London in 1781 to promote archery?

A) Arrow Alliance

B) Archers Guild

c) Bowman Brotherhood

d) Toxophilite Society

S8. Answer. (D)

Sol. Modern target archery began with Sir Ashton Lever of Alkrington Hall, Manchester, who founded the Toxophilite Society in 1781.

Q9. Which bow type is designed to reduce the force required to fully draw the string?

A) recurve bow

B) compound bow

c) long bow

d) crossbow

S9. Answer. (B)

Sol. Compound bows are designed to reduce the force required to completely hold the string, giving the archer more time to aim with less muscle tension. Most composite designs use cams or elliptical wheels at the ends of the limbs to achieve this.

Q10. What is Japan’s traditional archery style called?

A) Qudo

B) Kung Fu

c) Taekwondo

d) Judo

S10. Answer. (A)

Sol. Kyudo, (“technique of the bow”), the traditional Japanese form of archery, is closely linked to Zen Buddhism.

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