Govt Speeds Up Electricity And Rooftop Installation

The Government of India has recently approved important amendments in Electricity (Consumers’ Rights) Rules, 2020, With the aim of streamlining processes, ensuring faster new electricity connections, Promote transparency and facilitate installation of rooftop solar systems. These amendments are an important step towards consumer empowerment and the country’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

New electricity connections expedited

  • The revised norms have reduced the time limit for getting new electricity connections, bringing it down to three days in metropolitan areas and seven days in municipal areas. 15 days in rural areas.
  • The move is expected to contribute to the government’s broader agenda of accelerating the electrification process and increasing electricity access in various sectors.

Simplified rooftop solar installation

  • amendment also Streamline the process of rooftop solar installationWhich has made it easier and faster for the consumers.
  • Provisions have been presented To facilitate the installation of rooftop solar PV systems for “consumers”. persons Which both consume and produce electricity.
  • In particular, the requirement for a technical feasibility study has been waived for systems up to 10 kW capacity, reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

Consumer choice and transparency

  • Rules empower consumers in multi-storey buildings and residential societies Allowing them to choose between individual connections for all Or single-point connection for the entire campus.
  • A transparent voting conducted by the distribution company will determine the option chosen, thereby promoting consumer choice and transparency in the process.

Dedicated connection for electric vehicles (EV)

  • Recognizing the growing importance of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and in sync with the country’s environmental goals, Consumers can now get separate electricity connections Especially for charging their EVs.
  • The move supports India’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero by 2070.

Addressing Metering and Billing Concerns

  • The amendments address concerns related to metering and billing by requiring distribution licensees to iInstall additional meter within five days of receiving complaint Regarding meter readings not corresponding to actual power consumption.
  • This additional meter will verify consumption for a minimum period of three months, ensuring accuracy in billing and providing assurance to consumers.

Timely Commissioning of Rooftop Solar PV System

  • To promote adoption of rooftop solar PV systems, timelines have been set for distribution licensees to commission such systems It has been reduced from 30 days to 15 days.
  • The move encourages rapid adoption of renewable energy sources and supports the country’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

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