Govt Unveils 4 Transformative Portals For Modernizing Media

Towards redefining India’s media landscape, Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur launched four portals It aims to promote a more conducive business environment, increase transparency in government communications and provide easy access to authentic government videos.

Government recognition for ease of doing business

  • Minister Thakur highlighted the achievements of the Government in improving the ease of doing business, which has been acknowledged by international indices World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index And this Logistics Performance Index.
  • platforms like Government e-Marketplace (GeM) These were cited as evidence of the government’s commitment to promoting competition for MSMEs and small businesses.

Revolutionary portal for efficiency

The four portals launched mark a leap towards increasing efficiency and transparency in government functioning.

  • Press Service Portal: developed under Registration of Presses and Periodicals Act, 2023 (PRP Act, 2023), This portal automates newspaper registration and related processes. Its features include online application filing, real-time tracking and a module to manage applications for District Magistrates.
  • Transparent Panelized Media Planning and E-Billing System: introduced for Central Bureau of Communications (CBC), this system streamlines media planning processes and provides an ERP solution for the media industry. Features include automated panelization, media planning, billing, and a mobile app for partners.
  • NaViGate India Portal: Developed by New media wing of the ministry, The portal serves as an integrated bilingual platform hosting videos on development and citizen welfare measures of the government. It provides navigation, classification, video playback and search functionality.
  • National Register for LCOs: The aim of this portal is Centralize the registration of Local Cable Operators (LCOs), The promise of an organized cable sector. With online registration facilities and a national register for LCOs, it paves the way for service and convenience for cable operators.

A leap towards a transparent and efficient future

  • The launch of these portals is a milestone in India’s journey More transparent, efficient and business-friendly environment.
  • As India progresses in governance and economic reforms, these initiatives reaffirm the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of its citizens and businesses.

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