Haryana Crowned Champion at Boxing Sub Junior National Championship

Haryana Achieved it team title With impressive combined races in both boys and girls categories 19 medals But Boxing Sub Junior National Championship, Haryana showed its dominance by topping both the categories. Participation in the tournament was seen 612 boxerInvolved 337 boys And 275 girls,

defending champion in girls category

In the girls category, Mohd. HaryanaThe defending champion successfully defended his title by staying on top 64 points, the state won 10 medalsInvolved 7 gold, 1 silverAnd 2 bronze,

Haryana Boxer Stamp Authority

Haryana boxers established their dominance with a dominant performance and six out of seven boxers won their bouts. Unanimous 5-0 decision, Diya (61 kg) She continued her stellar performance with an impressive 5-0 win over Delhi’s Yashika and was also named the best player. best boxer,

Other gold medalist Was for Haryana in girls category Land (35 kg), Nischal Sharma (37 kg), Rakhi (43 kg), Naitik (52 kg), Navya (55 kg)And Sukhareet (64 kg),

girls medal tally

State Sleep silver Brass Total
Haryana 7 1 2 10
Delhi 1 3 4 8
Maharashtra 1 3 2 6

Follow Delhi and Maharashtra

Delhi And Maharashtra Finished second and third with 34 and 31 points respectively. Delhi won 1 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals, while Maharashtra finished their campaign with 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Most Promising Boxer Award

of Hilang (37 kg) Arunachal PradeshA bronze medalist, secured Most Promising Boxer Award In girls category.

Haryana also performed excellently in the boys category

Even in the boys category, the boxers of Haryana showed their strength and won. 9 medalsInvolved 6 gold, 2 silverAnd 1 bronzeTo secure first place with 62 points,

Udai Singh led the dominance of Haryana

Uday Singh Led dominance over Haryana with win 5-0 Against S Sujith of Tamil Nadu in the 37 kg category. Nitin (40 kg), Ravi Sihag (49 kg), Target (52 kg), Naman (58 kg)And Anmol Dahiya (64 kg) They also won their respective finals, giving Haryana a fitting end to their impressive campaign.

boys medal table

State Sleep silver Brass Total
Haryana 6 2 1 9
Uttarakhand 3 3 0 6
Uttar Pradesh 1 3 1 5

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