History of 26th January

republic day in india is an annual festival that symbolizes Adoption of the Constitution of India on 26 January 1950. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor throughout the country. republic day 2024 It has special significance in the memory of 75th Indian Republic Anniversary, An important occasion in the history of the country.

History of 26th January

importance of 26 January India’s history goes beyond mere Adoption of the Constitution in 1950. This date has its roots in Pre-independence era when Indian National Congressduring this Lahore session in 1929declared 26 January 1930 was celebrated as Purna Swaraj Day. Or the day of complete independence. This proclamation laid the foundation for the final celebration of Republic Day.

Purna Swaraj Day – January 26, 1930:

During the Lahore session of 1929The Indian National CongressUnder the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, passed a resolution for complete independence, known as Purna Swaraj, January 26, 1930, was chosen as the day to emphasize India’s demand for self-rule. This symbolic act set the stage for a unified struggle for independence and sowed the seeds for future celebrations on the same date.

Republic Day, journey from independence to constitution

Establishment of the Constituent Assembly (December 9, 1946):

The Constituent Assembly, which was entrusted with the task of drafting the Constitution of India, carried out its work First session on December 9, 1946. participated in 207 membersWhich includes nine women. in the beginning Which includes 389 membersstrength of assembly reduced 299 After independence and partition of the country August 15, 1947.

Draft Committee and leadership of Dr. BR Ambedkar:

drafting committeeled by Dr B R Ambedkar, played an important role in shaping the Constitution. between more than 17 committees of the Constituent AssemblyThe drafting committee Was responsible for preparing a comprehensive draft for India. Through extensive debate and deliberations, the committee streamlined the Constitution by concluding About 2,400 amendments out of approximately 7,600 proposed amendments.

Adoption of the Constitution (November 26, 1949):

final session of the Constituent Assembly concluded on November 26, 1949When The Constitution was officially adopted. However, implementation was delayed By 26 January 1950To commemorate the historical significance of the day.

26 January 1950, birth of Republic India

this day, The constitution of India came into effect after Signatures of 284 members Were pasted into the document. 26 January election The beginning of the Republic was a tribute to Purna Swaraj Declaration of 1930, It symbolizes the journey from colonial rule to a sovereign, democratic and republican nation.

Important questions related to exam

Q1. Which event occurred during the 1929 Lahore session of the Indian National Congress that ultimately led to the celebration of Republic Day?
Q2. Who led the drafting committee responsible for shaping the Constitution of India?
Q3. What was the significance of 26 January 1950 in Indian history?
Q4. How many members did the Constituent Assembly initially consist of, and what was the final number after independence?
Q5. Why was the implementation of the Constitution delayed till 26 January 1950?
Q6. Who presided over the first session of the Constituent Assembly and when did it begin?

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