How Many Lok Sabha Constituencies Are There in Assam?

Assam, India’s vibrant north-eastern state, is famous not only for its lush green landscape and diverse culture, but also for its important role in shaping the political landscape of the country. As part of India’s democratic structure, Assam contributes significantly to the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament. Understanding the complexities of Assam’s Lok Sabha constituencies provides a glimpse of its political dynamics and representation.

Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam

Representation of Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam It extends beyond regional boundaries and contributes to the national discussion on various issues such as environment, agriculture, infrastructure and social welfare. The elected representatives of Assam play an active role in parliamentary proceedings, advocating the interests of their voters and participating in the formulation of national policies.

How many Lok Sabha constituencies are there in Assam?

Assam, an important state in North-East India, It includes total 14 Lok Sabha constituencies, These constituencies represent the diverse socio-cultural and geographical aspects of the state. The allocation of Lok Sabha constituencies in Assam is determined by its population size and demographic distribution. Each constituency plays an important role in representing the interests and concerns of its respective voters at the national level.

How are constituencies determined in Assam?

allocation of lok sabha seats based on population of each stateAnd Assam, with a population of about 3.5 crore residents, gets 14 seats., These MPs will be elected during the upcoming 2024 general elections, which will shape the state’s representation in the national parliament.

List of Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam with MP’s name and party

Assam is an important state in North-Eastern India consisting of a total of 14 Lok Sabha constituencies. let’s take a look Lok Sabha constituency, name of the MP (Member of Parliament) and the party to which he/she belongs:

Lok Sabha constituencies of Assam
Sl.No. constituency Name of MP team
1. barpeta Abdul Khaliq Congress
2. Dhubri Badruddin Ajmal AIUDF
3. Mangaldoi Dilip Saikia BJP
4. Kaliyabor Gaurav Gogoi Congress
5. autonomous district Horen Sing Bay BJP
6. Karimganj Kripanath Mallah BJP
7. Kokrajhar Naba Kumar Saraniya IND
8. Tezpur Pallab Lochan Das BJP
9. Lakhimpur Pradan Barua BJP
10. Naugaon Pradyut Bordoloi Congress
11. Guwahati queen oja BJP
12. Silchar Rajdeep Roy BJP
13. Dibrugarh -Rameshwar Teli BJP
14. Jorhat Topon Kumar Gogoi BJP

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