How to prepare for UP Board 10th English? Score 90+ marks in English exam

How to prepare for UP Board 10th English: According to Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education, only a few days are left for the UP Board Class 10 English exam. as we all know, UP Board 10th English The exam will be held on March 4, 2024 and in this context many students are nervous about the English subject. In this article, we have presented some tips and strategies for the preparation of UP Board Class 10 English which can prove helpful for you. For this you will have to read this article carefully till the end.

How to prepare for UP Board 10th English?  Score 90+ marks in English examHow to prepare for UP Board 10th English?  Score 90+ marks in English exam
UP Board 10th English Ki Yari Kare Kare

Welcome, information, today we will talk about how to prepare for UP Board 10th English. As I have already told, the UP Board 10th board exam will be held from 22 February 2024 to 9 March 2024, and in this context we all know that there is very little time left for the English exam. If you are a student who is nervous about the English subject, then don’t worry, we will share such fun tips in this article that will make you enjoy studying English even more, and you will be able to score 95 plus.

The truth is that UP Board Class 10 English Syllabus It is very easy. First of all read the syllabus carefully and check previous year question paper to understand the exam pattern. As you know that only a few days are left, so now read the topics which have been asked in the last 5 years.

“Make a study time table for these three-four days in which you will have to manage and study well every day. If you want to get good marks in English then your grammar should be correct. To learn grammar, you can also take help of YouTube search and there are many videos on the internet from which you can learn grammar very easily. And also understand the important rules of grammar and follow them.

The most important thing to strengthen grammar is practice. The more questions you solve, the stronger your grammar will become. And also practice writing regularly, focus on letter and story writing which are asked every time in the exam. Also pay some attention to the beauty of your handwriting, and keep taking feedback from your teacher or senior.

And most important, at the time of exam, solve all the previous year question papers of last 5 years, so that you can get an idea of ​​the exam environment and how the questions are asked. If you feel that you are not able to understand, then you can do group study with your friends and brothers, or they can also have an English exam. With group study, you can solve any topic by discussing it together.

For revision, always keep revising to restore the studied topics in your mind and highlight the important points. Be confident and maintain a positive attitude on the exam day, this will improve everyone’s performance.

UP Board 10th English-Syllabus

Units Topics Marks
Poetry The Fountain by James Russell Lowell 2
The Psalm of Life by HW Longfellow 2
The Village song by Sarojini Naidu 3
prose The Enchanted Pool by C. Rajgopalachari 4
A Letter to God by GL Fuents 4
The Ganga by PJL Nehru 4
Socrates by Rhoda Power 4
Supplementary Reader The Inventor Who Kept His Promise 6
The Judgment Seat of Vikramaditya 6
english grammar Parts of Sentence 2
The Sentence Type 1
The verb (Transitive Verb and Intransitive Verb) 2
Primary auxiliaries (Be, Have, Do) 2
Modal auxiliaries 2
Negative Sentence 1
Interrogative Sentence 1
Tense: Form and Use 2
The Passive Voice 2
The Parts of Speech 2
Indirect or Reported Speech 2
Word Formation 2
Punctuation and Spelling 2
translation (From Hindi to English) 4
composition Long Composition 3
Controlled Composition 3
Letter Writing/Application Writing Letter Writing/Application Writing 4
Comprehension (Unseen) Comprehension (Unseen) 6
UP Board 10th English Ki Yari Kare Kare

In this article we UP Board 10th English Ki Yari Kare Kare Have shared all the related information with you. We hope that you will score 90 plus in UP Board 10th English exam. If you have reached the end of this article, please Like, Share And Comments Do it and tell your friends too.

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