How to study UP Board 10th Science?

How to study UP Board 10th Science: As we all know that UP Board 10th exam is going on and in such a situation, students of class 9th become alert about their studies in February to March. Many students have a question in their mind that How to study UP Board 10th Science, So don’t worry, today in this article we will discuss this topic in detail and will also tell you some fun tips which will make you more interested in studies. So please read this article till the end.

How to study UP Board 10th Science?

Welcome to the article. As I have already told you that today in this article we How to study UP Board 10th Science? Will discuss about. The most important thing to study science is to understand the syllabus. First of all, prepare an outline of each chapter, so that you can complete your syllabus on time by planning and also make a time table of your studies, so that you can study according to the daily routine.

How to study UP Board 10th Science-Tips

UP Board 10th Science syllabus of It is very easy to complete. For this, you should buy NCERT ready material, so that it becomes easier for you to study. Now wherever you study, school or tuition, make notes for yourself while studying and highlight all the important points and also keep solving previous year question papers, this will give you an idea of ​​what and how questions come in the examination.

UP Board 10th Science Syllabus The most important thing to do is to have clear concepts. If your concepts are not clear then you cannot score good marks in science. Therefore, understand every concept well, and if you do not understand anything then take help from the teacher or any senior or brother. Also, keep doing group study with your friends and discuss every topic with your classmates, this will increase your interest in studies even more.

and also, To study in UP Board 10th class Science Use regular education sources on the internet for. For this you can also use YouTube and watch video tutorials on any subject in which you do not understand anything. And also, keep doing regular revision, give yourself a mock test once every two weeks.

Everything is important with studies. Your health, i.e. a good sleep along with studies, is very important. Along with studying, sleep well and eat right

UP Board 10th Science Syllabus

The syllabus of science subject in class 10th is very easy, it has total 13 chapters, out of which 4 chapters are divided into 4 parts – Physics, 4 chapters Chemistry, 4 chapters Biology and 1 chapter Environment. From the table given below, you will understand how many marks questions are coming in the exam from which chapter, so that you can give proper time to each chapter.

Chapter Number Chapter Name Marks
Chapter 1 Chemical reactions and equations 8
Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salt 7
Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals 7
Chapter 4 Carbon and Its Compounds 5
Chapter 5 Life Processes 5
Chapter 6 Control and Coordination 4
Chapter 7 How Do Organisms Reproduce? 7
Chapter 8 Heredity and Evolution 5
Chapter 9 Light Reflection and Refraction 7
Chapter 10 The Human Eye and Colorful World 4
Chapter 11 Electricity 8
Chapter 12 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current 8
Chapter 13 Our Environment 5
total 80
How to study UP Board 10th Science

In this article we haveHow to study UP Board 10th Science‘ Have shared all the information related to it with you. We hope that all the information given in this article is correct and you have understood it. If you have reached the end of this article, please Like, Share And Comments Do it and tell your friends too.

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