India Aids Afghanistan With 40,000 Liters Of Malathion Against Locust Threat

In a remarkable display of goodwill and humanitarian assistance Indian government has come forward to help afghan people In facing the threat of locusts. Generous support comes in the form of 40,000 liters of malathion, an eco-friendly pesticide known for its efficacy in dry areas and minimal water usage. Supplies sent through Chabahar port of IranDemonstration of a collaborative effort to address a serious agricultural concern.

Malathion: An important tool in locust control

Malathion has proven to be an important tool in locust control, making it one of the Ideal choice to combat infection in Afghanistan. Its effectiveness in dry areas suits the country’s climate, and its minimal water use addresses environmental concerns. Timely provision of this pesticide not only protects Afghan crops but also plays a vital role in ensuring food security in the region.

Preventing spread to neighboring countries

The assistance provided by India goes beyond addressing the immediate threat in Afghanistan. By providing assistance to combat locust menace, India actively contributes to curbing the spread of locusts in neighboring Central Asian countries. This strategic move emphasizes regional cooperation in addressing shared challenges, promoting sustainability and resilience in the agricultural sector.

thanks to taliban

Mawlawi Ataullah Omari, The Taliban Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock expressed his sincere appreciation for India’s assistance. Expressing gratitude in an official statement, he said, “We are grateful to the Government and people of the Republic of India for supplying 40,000 liters of chemical material (malathion) to the agricultural sector to prevent the locust menace.” This approval underlines the importance of international cooperation in times of crisis.

Official handover: a symbolic step

The aid was officially handed over in two trucks on Monday, January 22, marking a symbolic and important step in strengthening agricultural resilience in Afghanistan. Despite not officially recognizing the Taliban regime in Kabul, India continues to demonstrate its commitment to provide humanitarian assistance through its technical office in the country.

India’s continued support to Afghanistan

This is not the first case of India extending a helping hand to Afghanistan. Despite political differences, New Delhi has in the past provided much-needed help to the country Cooperated on efforts to deal with wheat supplies and drug-related issues. The recent provision of malathion adds to the list of collaborative efforts aimed at addressing the significant challenges facing the Afghan people.

Important questions related to exam

1. Which eco-friendly pesticide has been supplied by the Indian government to Afghanistan to deal with the locust menace?

2. Through which port did India send supplies of eco-friendly pesticides to Afghanistan?

3. Who is the Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Minister of Taliban who expressed gratitude for India’s assistance?

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