India Becomes Second-Largest Mobile Phone Producer Globally

at the end of the decade from 2014 to 2024India has emerged as the largest country in the world Second largest producer of mobile phones, This achievement marks a significant turning point for the country’s electronics manufacturing sector.

Dependence on imports reduced

According to India Cellular and Electronics AssociationThe mobile phone has changed by region 78 percent dependent on imports in 2014 to achieve 97 percent self-sufficiency By 2024. Only 3 percent Nearly half of all mobile phones sold in India are now imported.

unprecedented production

from india mobile phone production has reached an impressive position 20 lakh crore rupees In this decade of unprecedented growth. In these ten years the country produced 2.45 billion units mobile phonesAgainst the target of 2.5 billion units.

Thriving Manufacturing Ecosystem

This remarkable achievement highlights India’s development Electronics Manufacturing Ecosystem, The country has successfully reduced its dependence on imports and promoted Self-reliance Mobile phone manufacturing industry.

India’s rise as the second largest mobile phone manufacturer globally is a testament to the country’s commitment to developing a strong manufacturing sector. With low import dependence and adequate production volumes, India has established itself as a major player in the global mobile phone market, which has contributed to its economic growth and technological advancement.

India becomes the second largest mobile phone producer globally_40.1

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