India Ranks 38th Out Of 139 Countries In The World Bank’s LPI Report 2023

India’s logistics performance has seen significant improvement, as indicated by its rank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) Report by World Bank, Through the implementation of key policies and initiatives as well as collaborative efforts between various ministries and departments, India is moving towards enhancing its competitiveness globally.

Improving Logistics Performance: India’s Progress

  • India has gained significant positions in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) ranking 38th place among 139 countriesAccording to the World Bank report.
  • This progress represents a huge leap from its previous position 44 in 2018 and 54 in 2014Underlines the country’s commitment to enhancing its logistics infrastructure and efficiency.

Collaborative Approach: Inter-Ministerial Effort

  • An inter-ministerial team has been set up to lead targeted action plans focusing on all six lpi parameters: Customs, infrastructure, ease of arranging shipments, quality of logistics services, tracking and tracing and timeliness.
  • This concerted effort aims to address key areas for improvement and significantly enhance India’s logistics landscape.

Trade Facilitation: National Trade Facilitation Committee (NCTF)

  • National Committee for Trade Facilitation (NCTF) plays an important role in streamlining the processes and taking forward reforms.
  • With the NTFAP 2020-23 guiding its efforts, NCTF has identified 27 action points under the Working Group on Infrastructure Upgradation, which further strengthens India’s trade facilitation agenda.

Strategic Initiatives: PM Gatishakti National Master Plan and National Logistics Policy

  • A good start PM Gatishakti National Master Plan for multimodal connectivity and national logistics policy This underlines India’s commitment to increase logistics efficiency and reduce costs.
  • These strategic frameworks provide a roadmap to improve connectivity and optimize logistics operations across the country.

Digitization Drive: Leveraging Digital Improvements

  • Digital reforms play a vital role in India’s logistics transformation journey. initiatives like Integrated Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) and Logistics Data Bank Has revolutionized the ease of doing business and enabled real-time tracking and tracing of containerized EXIM cargo.
  • Additionally, automation initiatives, including digitalization of weighbridges, are increasing operational efficiency in the logistics sector.

Regional Initiative: Promoting Innovation

  • Various line ministries, including the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MOPSW), are taking sector-specific initiatives to enhance logistics infrastructure and processes.
  • From railway electrification to reducing export and import release times and launching platforms like NLP Marine, these initiatives are instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency.

Collaboration, policy innovation and digital progress

  • India’s journey towards improving its logistics performance is marked by collaborative efforts, strategic policy interventions and leveraging digital advancements.
  • With a focus on enhancing connectivity, streamlining processes and promoting innovation across sectors, India is set to emerge as a global logistics hub, further strengthening its position on the international stage.

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1. What is India’s rank in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index Report 2023?
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India ranks 38th out of 139 countries in World Bank's LPI Report 2023_40.1

India ranks 38th out of 139 countries in World Bank's LPI Report 2023_50.1

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