Indian Army Launches Operation Sarvashakti To Eliminate Terrorists

In response to increasing terrorist activities Jammu and KashmirThe Indian Army is being launched Operation Sarvshakti, A strategic initiative aimed at curbing the influence of Pakistani proxy terrorist groups. focused on Pir Panjal mountain range In the Union Territory, the operation is aimed at eliminating terrorists operating in the sensitive Rajouri Poonch sector.

Context: Terrorism increasing in Pir Panjal range

In recent times, terrorist groups supported by Pakistan have attempted to revive militancy south of the Pir Panjal ranges, especially in the Rajouri Poonch sector. Attacks on Indian soldiers have intensified, the latest incident being on December 21, where four soldiers lost their lives in Dera Ki Gali area. The rising number of casualties highlights the urgency of a decisive response to thwart these destabilizing activities.

Operation Sarvshakti: A Comprehensive Counter Terrorism Strategy

Operation Sarvshakti Its objective is to conduct joint counter-terrorism operations on both sides of the Pir Panjal range. Srinagar-based Chinar Corps and Nagrota-headquartered White Knight Corps will carry out the operation together to neutralize the terrorist threats. Coordinated efforts involving Jammu and Kashmir Police, CRPF, Special Operation Group and intelligence agencies are important components of this operation.

Lessons from History: Operation Sarpvinash

taking inspiration from Operation Sarpvinash was launched in 2003, Operation Sarvshakti aims to eliminate terrorists from the same areas south of the Pir Panjal range. The historic success of Operation Sarpvinash provides a blueprint for current operations, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive approach to counter terrorism.

Army Chief’s Viewpoint: Addressing the resurgence of terrorism

military general General Manoj Pandey has acknowledged the resurgence of terrorist activities in the region since 2003. In response, detailed discussions were held with corps commanders to formulate strategies and deal with the emerging threat. General Pandey’s commitment to resolving the issue underlines the gravity of the situation and the need for decisive action.

High-level coordination: a multi-agency approach

Operation Sarvshakti is not a solo effort; it is Result of high level coordination involving Army Headquarters, Northern Army Command in Udhampur, and key stakeholders. Home Minister Amit Shah’s security meeting attended by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Army officials and intelligence agencies laid the foundation of this collaborative initiative.

Military induction and intelligence reinforcement

Recognizing the need for enhanced security measures, the Indian Army has initiated the process of inducting more troops into the Rajouri-Poonch sector. Concurrently, efforts are underway to strengthen intelligence mechanisms in the region, enhancing capacity to prevent and counter terrorist activities.

Local support and ethical conduct

Despite provocation, the Indian Army has shown restraint and refrained from retaliating in areas with civilian presence. The prompt action taken against its own officers and men after the December 21 encounter reflects our commitment to ethical conduct and fostering local support in the fight against terrorism.

Operation Sarvshakti – A Unified Front Against Terrorism

Operation Sarvshakti represents an important step in countering the resurgence of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. With a comprehensive strategy, collaborative efforts and a commitment to ethical conduct, India aims to secure the region from external threats. The success of this operation will not only protect national security but also contribute to regional stability and peace.

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