Indian Navy at Exercise Cutlass Express 2024

Indian Navy Recently participated in a major maritime exercise Exercise Cutlass Express – 24 (CE-24), This exercise was conducted Port Victoria, Seychelles From From 26 February to 08 March 2024,

India’s participation

The Indian Navy was represented by the ship INS TIRWhich is the lead ship of the 1st Training Squadron. INS TIR Led by the senior officer of the 1st Training Squadron, Captain Anshul Kishore,

The exercise was inaugurated Wavel Ramkalawan, President of SeychellesIn the presence of dignitaries from India, America and African countries.

About Exercise Cutlass Express

Cutlass Express Exercise there is one Multinational Maritime Exercise sponsored by US Africa Command (AFRICOM) and led by US Naval Forces Europe-Africa/US 6th Fleet,

The main goal of this exercise is Promoting maritime security and cooperation in the strategic waters of east african coast And this western indian ocean,

exercise brings together Allied navies In East Africa, Western Indian Ocean region, Europe, North America and many international organizations. The goal is to increase Difference (ability to work together) between the participating countries.

Objectives of Exercise

The Exercise Cutlass Express is designed to:

  1. Strengthen maritime domain awareness (Understanding of Marine Activities)
  2. counter illegal maritime activities (illegal activities at sea)
  3. promote adherence to The rule of law (complying with maritime laws)

The exercise tests the capabilities of the naval forces of the participating countries in the following areas:

  • Maritime interdiction (stopping and boarding ships)
  • information sharing
  • Visit, boarding, search and seizure of ships
  • Countering illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing practices
  • increase Women, Peace and Security Initiative

India’s participation in CE-24

Indian Navy has been participating in Exercise Cutlass Express since 2019. This year, navies 16 countries Participated in practice.

The exercise concluded with a closing ceremony Seychelles Defense Academy, Ile Perseverance On 08 March 2024.

Before exercise, INS TIR joint monitoring of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Seychelles with Seychelles Coast Guard from 01 to 03 March 2024.

Professional exchanges, cross-deck visits and friendly sporting events with the Seychelles Defense Forces were also organised.

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčocean extending up to 200 nautical miles (370 kilometers) From the land coast of any country. The country has the exclusive right to explore and exploit natural resources in this area.

EEZs are separate from one country territorial watersextends to 12 nautical miles (22 km) Mai Tai. Territorial waters are considered the maritime boundaries of a country.

Republic of Seychelles

Republic of Seychelles One Island country is located in western indian ocean, this is a african country included around 115 islands with a big Indian population,

  • capital: Victoria
  • chairman: Wavel Ramkalavan
  • currency: Seychelles Rupee

Indian Navy’s participation in Exercise Cutlass Express 2024 strengthens its cooperation with friendly nations and enhances its capabilities in maritime security operations.

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