Iran Abolishes Visa Requirements for Indian Tourists from Feb 4, 2024

Iran abolishes visa requirements for Indian tourists 4 February 2024, which aims to promote tourism and global connectivity. Indian Ordinary passport holders can travel for up to 15 days every six months. Recognizing India’s growing outbound tourism market, the move extends to 33 countries.

Visa waiver conditions

  1. Frequency and Duration: Indian passport holders with ordinary passport can enter Iran without visa once every six months Maximum stay of 15 daysWhich cannot be increased.

  2. Objective: Visa exemption is applicable for tourism purposes only.
  3. Extended stay or multiple entries: For longer stays, multiple entries within six months or other visa types, Indian citizens must obtain the necessary visa through the Iranian representation in India.
  4. Entry Point: Visa exemption applies exclusively to Indian nationals entering Iran through air borders.

Extension of Visa Waiver Program

Iran has expanded its visa waiver program to include 33 countriesTo encourage foreign travelers to visit India as well as India, demonstrating its commitment to global connectivity.

List of accepted countries

Countries approved for Iran’s new visa waiver program include India, Russia, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, And others.

Previous Visa Waiver Program

Iran previously had visa waiver programs for visitors from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Oman, China, Armenia, Lebanon, and Syria.

impact on tourism

The decision is expected to boost tourism and increase cultural exchanges in Iran, with India being one of the fastest growing markets for outbound tourism.

tourism trends

More than 20,000 Iranian tourists visit India every year, including from popular destinations like Delhi-Agra-Jaipur and Mumbai-Pune-Goa.

Education and cultural exchange

A large number of Iranian students pursue higher education in various fields in India, thereby promoting cultural exchange between the two countries.

Iran abolishes visa requirements for Indian tourists from February 4, 2024_40.1

Iran abolishes visa requirements for Indian tourists from February 4, 2024_50.1

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