Juventus Midfielder Paul Pogba Banned for 4 Years for Doping

juventus midfielder paul pogba one has been handed over Four-year suspension from football due to doping allegations. The former Manchester United star tested positive for testosterone, leading to his temporary suspension in September.

key points

suspension details

  • Paul Pogba was banned for four years from football after doping allegations, with Italy’s sports prosecutors advocating for a suspension.
  • The doping incident occurred after Juventus’ 3–0 win against Udinese in the Italian Serie A opener, leading to Pogba’s temporary suspension.

legal actions

  • Pogba’s anti-doping hearing, initially scheduled for 18 January, was postponed to a later date.
  • Italy’s anti-doping tribunal granted the requests from Pogba’s legal team, although no specific details were given regarding the outcome of the hearing.
  • Pogba’s representatives refrained from commenting on the proceedings.

possibility of appeal

  • Pogba has the option to appeal the decision at the Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport.
  • The outcome of the appeal could have a significant impact on Pogba’s football career.

career implications

  • The four-year ban potentially marks the end of Paul Pogba’s illustrious football career, including his international achievements with France.
  • Pogba, who was a key player in France’s 2018 FIFA World Cup victory, has faced injury challenges since rejoining Juventus from Manchester United.
  • His limited appearances for Juventus in recent seasons, as well as missed opportunities due to injuries, have hindered his career progression.

legal defense

Pogba’s camp argued that the presence of testosterone resulted from a food supplement prescribed by an American-based doctor.
If successful, Pogba could potentially have his ban reduced by demonstrating that the doping was unintentional or caused by competition.

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