Largest District in Arunachal Pradesh, Know the Names of All Districts

Arunachal Pradesh, the northeastern gem of India, is famous for its pristine landscapes, diverse cultures and vibrant traditions. lies within this enchanting realm Dibang ValleyThe Largest district of Arunachal Pradesh, where the glory of nature is revealed in all its glory. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, vibrant festivals and abundant biodiversity, the district offers a panoramic glimpse of the heart of India’s eastern frontier.

How many districts are there in Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal Pradesh consists of 26 districts, Initially named as a Union Territory in 1972It attained full statehood in India on 20 February 1987, Demands for creation of new districts are prevalent in this region. To maintain law and order within these districts, the government appoints Deputy Commissioners or District Magistrates, supported by Superintendents of Police, to oversee administrative matters.

Name of the largest district of Arunachal Pradesh

Dibang Valley stands as a testament to of Arunachal Pradesh Majestic beauty and cultural vibrancy. As the largest district of the state, it embodies the essence of the region – a land of untouched wilderness, ancient traditions and limitless possibilities. With its breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality, Dibang Valley Inspires travelers and explorers to embark on a journey of discovery, embracing the wonders of nature and the richness of indigenous heritage.

Key facts related to the largest district of Arunachal Pradesh

Here are the key facts you should know about Dibang Valley district of Arunachal Pradesh, its largest district by land area:

  • was established June 1, 1980, Dibang Valley District was carved from Lohit district.
  • named after Dibang RiverThis includes Three major rivers: the Dri, the Mathun and the Talon, as well as smaller rivers such as the Ahi, the Awa and the Emra,
  • surrounded by Lohit, Lower Dibang Valley, East Siang and Upper Siang districtsAlso China.
  • extends to a Area 9129 sq km with Population of 8004 (2011 census).,
  • divided into Upper Dibang Valley And Lower Dibang Valley on districts 16 December 2001.
  • Wavy-rugged mountains, lush green valleys, deep valleys, breathtaking waterfalls and natural lakes.
  • Boasts a temperate climate, heavy rainfall and diverse wildlife.
  • Rich in flora and fauna like medicinal plants Coptis tita (Eroha) and Taxus baccata,
  • like celebrating festivals Reh (1 February) and Ke-Meh-Ha (24 September)
  • Located in The most north-eastern corner of Arunachal StateSurrounded by international borders with Tibet and China.
  • The district headquarters is located Aninia brown Height of 1968 meters above sea level,
  • offers potential tourist destinations such as Mipi, Aline (ALG), Angrim Valley, even more.
  • Ideal for trekking, picnic, fishing, paragliding and rock climbing.
  • Paragliding was introduced for First time in Anini on 17 January 2003by the parachuting team of 29 Assam Rifles.

The largest district of Arunachal Pradesh by population

Papumpare stands as Most populous district in Arunachal Pradeshwith Population of 176,573. Located in the center of the state, Papumpare district boasts vibrant communities, bustling cities and cultural diversity. Its significant population reflects the central role of the district in the socio-economic landscape of Arunachal Pradesh, contributing to its dynamic and developed character.

List of districts of Arunachal Pradesh

here is the list 26 districts of Arunachal Pradesh,

Districts of Arunachal Pradesh
Sl.No. district Area (in square km) Build
1. Anjav 6,190 2004
2. Changlang 4,662 1987
3. Kamle 200 2017
4. kr grandma 2,202 2015
5. Kurung Kumeyaay 8,818 2001
6. lepa-rada 2018
7. Lohit 2,402 1980
8. Longding 1,200 2012
9. Namsai 1,587 2014
10. Pakke-Kesang 2018
11. Papum Pare 2,875 1992
12. shi-yomi 2,875 2018
13. Siang 2,919 2015
14. Tawang 2,085 1984
15. tarp 2,362 1965
16. Lower Dibang Valley 3,900 2001
17. Dibang Valley 9,129 2001
18. East Kameng 4,134 1980
19. West Kameng 7,422 1980
20. East Siang 4,005 1980
21. lower siang 2017
22. upper siang 6,188 1994
23. West Siang 8,325 1980
24. Lower Subansiri 3,460 1980
25. Upper Subansiri 7,032 1980
26. Itanagar 200 2022

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