Largest District in Assam, List of Districts of Assam

AssamKnown for its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscape and tea plantations, it is home to many unique districts. from them, Karbi Anglong comes across as largest district of the state, which combines natural beauty, historical importance and economic prominence. This article highlights the picturesque aspects of Karbi Anglong, provides a glimpse of its geographical extent, cultural heritage and economic contribution.

How many districts are there in Assam?

In 2024, Assam currently consists of 31 districtsa reduction from last count 35, This cut came after an announcement of Assam Cabinet on 31 December 2022, in which four newly established districts were integrated into four already existing districts. As a result, the total number of districts in the state was Streamlined till 31.

Largest district of Assam, name

Karbi Anglong DistrictNestled in the picturesque landscapes of Assamstands as The largest administrative district of the state. With its rich cultural heritage, diverse flora and fauna and unique history, Karbi Anglong offers a range of experiences for visitors and residents alike. This article explores various aspects of Karbi Anglong, highlighting its geographical, historical, cultural and economic importance.

Key facts related to the largest districts of Assam

Some key facts related to Karbi Anglong, the largest district of Assam, are as follows:

  • Karbi Anglong DistrictThe largest in assamwas established in 1951 As United Mikir and North Cachar Hills District, later divided Mikir Hills and Northern Kachar HillsAnd in 1976 its name was changed to Karbi Anglong.
  • West Karbi Anglong Districtmade in 2016is included East Hamren Civil Sub-Division and works under Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council,
  • The district experiences a diverse climate due to its varied topography, with long winters. October to February and summer temperatures Between 23°C to 32°C,
  • Primarily tribal, the population includes Karbis, Bodos, Kukis, Dimasa, Hmars, Garos, Rengma Nagas, Tiwas and Man (Tai speaking) communities.
  • Karbi is rich in rivers like Anglong Dhansiri, Dikharu, Devpani, Nambor and Jamunawith significant forest cover expansion 4,922.019 sq km
  • The highest peak is Singhasan 1360 meters above sea level.With notable minerals including limestone, ceramic, feldspar and coal.
  • Agriculture is the primary occupation, with paddy being the main crop, cultivated mainly through jhum system.
  • The district is well connected by road NH-36 and NH-39, with distance of 259 km From Guwahati And 55 km from Dimapur to Diphu,
  • F. railway Passes through the district, touching points like Borlongphar, Langsoliut, Nilalung, Diphu and others.
  • Nearest airport is at Dimapursituated at 2 km from Diphu,
  • Industries include Bokajan Cement Plant, Karbi Chemical Mini Cement Plant (under construction), Food processing units, rubber and citronella plantation industries, and 15 tea gardens in the district.

The largest district of Assam in terms of population

Nagaon stands as The largest district of Assam in terms of populationboasting a Significant population of 2,823,768 persons, Located in the central part of the state, Nagaon is famous for its rich cultural heritage, diverse demography and historical significance. With its vibrant communities and bustling cities, Nagaon contributes significantly to the social and economic fabric of Assam.

Districts of Assam, List

here it is List of 31 districts of Assam Including area and population:

districts of assam
Sl.No. district Area (in square km) Population (2011)
1) box 2,457 950,075
2) barpeta 3182 1,693,622
3) Bongaigaon 1,093 738,804
4) alluvium 3,786 1,736,319
5) Shepherd 1,069 471,418
6) Chirang 1,170 482,162
7) Darang 1,585 928,500
8) Dhemaji 3,237 686,133
9) Dhubri 1,608 1,394,144
10) dibrugarh 3,381 1,326,335
11) laugh dima 4,890 214,102
12) Goalpara 1,824 1,008,183
13) Golaghat 3,502 1,066,888
14) Hailakandi 1,327 659,296
15) Jorhat 2,851 924,952
16) Kamrup 3,105 1,517,542
17) Kamrup Metropolis 1,528 1,253,938
18) Karbi Anglong 7,366 660,955
19) Karimganj 1,809 1,228,686
20) Kokrajhar 3,169 887,142
21) Lakhimpur 2,277 1,042,137
22) Majuli 880 167,304
23) Morigaon 1,704 957,423
24) Nagaon 3,973 2,823,768
25) plumbing 2,257 771,639
26) Sivasagar 2,668 679,632
27) sonitpur 3,176 1,924,110
28) South Salmara-Mankachar 568 555,114
29) tinsukia 3,790 1,327,929
30) Udalguri 1,852 831,688
31) West Karbi Anglong 3,035 295,358

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