Largest District in Karnataka, Know the Names of Districts of Karnataka

Karnatakain a state south west india, known for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage and historical significance. One of its numerous districts, Belagavi, is known for its vast expanse and natural beauty. spread over a vast area, Belagavi Is largest district of karnatakaOffering a captivating blend of history, culture and picturesque landscapes.

How many districts are there in Karnataka?

Karnataka, a state in the south-west Indiais divided into 31 districts, Each has its own unique characteristics. From bustling urban centers like the state capital Bengaluru to the cultural heritage of Mysuru, the districts of Karnataka display a diverse tapestry of landscapes and lifestyles. historical importance of places like Natural beauty of Hampi, CoorgThe agricultural prosperity in districts like , and Belagavi collectively contribute to the vibrant character of the state. These districts, with their distinct identities, form the backbone of the cultural, historical and economic landscape of Karnataka.

Karnataka’s largest district by area

Belagavi stands as largest district of karnataka Areacover About 13,400 sq km in North Karnataka, Famous for its vast landscape, the district is a blend of lush green hills, fertile plains and historical richness, making it a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage within the state.

Main facts related to Belagavi, the largest district of Karnataka

Some key facts related to Belagavi, the largest district of Karnataka, are as follows:

  • Belagavi, the largest district of KarnatakaIt is located North Western Karnataka StateSouth-western India.
  • established in 12th centuryThe city controlled historically important plateau routes. Goa and the Arabian Sea coast.
  • is located in Western Ghats, Belagavi is at a height of About 2,500 feet above sea level.
  • The city is a mix of cultures Influence of Kannada, Konkani, Marathi and Goa,
  • Notable sites include a 16th century mosqueTwo Jain templeand an oval stone fort within the original cantonment.
  • Belagavi is a bustling business hub National Highway with rail connection Pune and Bengaluru.
  • Industries in the city include cotton-weaving, leather, clay, soap, pottery and metal ware, Shahpur is known for gold and silver working.
  • presence of colleges including Jawaharlal Nehru Medical CollegeContributes to the educational prominence of Belagavi.
  • Sambre, a nearby region, has an airport, enhancing regional connectivity.
  • In 2011The The population of the city was 488,157.With an urban agglomeration of 610,350.

The largest district of Karnataka in terms of population

Bengaluru Urban, with a population of 9,621,551has the honor of being Most populous district of Karnataka. Home to the bustling metropolis of Bengaluru, it serves as the technological and economic hub of the state, contributing significantly to the vibrant cultural and urban development of Karnataka.

List of districts of Karnataka

Here is the complete list of districts of Karnataka:

districts of karnataka
Bengaluru Urban Belagavi
Bidar Chamarajanagar
Chikkamagaluru Dakshina Kannada
Dharwad Kalaburagi
Haveri cholera
Mandya Raichur
Shivamogga Udupi
Vijaynagar Uttara Kannada
Yadgiri tumkuru
Ramanagara Mysore
Koppala Kodagu
Hasan Gadag
Davangere chitradurga
Chikkaballapur Vijayapura
Ballery Bengaluru Rural
Bagalkot ,

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