List of Former Governors of Haryana (1966-2024)

Since its establishment in 1966, Haryana It has been guided by governors who have played a significant role in shaping the path of progress and development of the state. These honorees have brought diverse experiences and leadership styles to their roles, leaving an indelible mark on the governance landscape of Haryana. Let’s dig deeper List of former Governors of Haryana and their contributions.

Governor of Haryana

The post of Governor is the highest in the state And act as the representative of the Central Government in Haryana. According to the Indian Constitution, the Governor is considered the supreme citizen of the state. currently, Bandaru Dattatreya serves as the Governor of Haryana, The primary responsibility of the Governor is to monitor the efficient functioning of the administration of the state and to facilitate communication and cooperation between the state and the central government.

First Governor of Haryana

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Dharma Veera acted as Inaugural Governor of Haryanaholding office from From 1 November 1966 to 14 September 1967. In his brief but important tenure, Veera laid the foundation of governance in the newly formed state. As the first Governor, he led the administrative structure that set the course for Haryana’s development and progress within the Indian nation.

Current Governor of Haryana

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Bandaru Dattatreyaborn at 12 June 1947currently employed as Governor of Haryana from 2021, An experienced Indian politician, Dattatreya draws on his experience to ensure effective governance and representation in the state. As the outgoing Governor, he plays a key role in overseeing the administration of Haryana and promoting development initiatives.

Longest serving Governor of Haryana

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Birendra Narayan Chakraborty keeps records of Longest tenure as Governor of Haryana, Period of 8 years, 6 months and 12 days from 15 September 1967 to 26 March 1976, His remarkable tenure heralded a period of significant growth and development in Haryana, underscoring his enduring dedication to the progress and governance of the state throughout his tenure.

Shortest serving Governor of Haryana

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Ranjit Singh Narula holds the pride of Shortest tenure as Governor of Haryanaserving for Only 4 months and 18 days from 27 March 1976 to 13 August 1976, Despite his brief tenure, Narula’s role was crucial in overseeing the governance of the state and ensuring continuity of administrative functions during his tenure.

List of former Governors of Haryana (1966-2024)

Since its establishment in 1966, HaryanaLocated in northern India, it has experienced a series of governors. These leaders have been instrumental in managing the administrative affairs of the state, upholding constitutional mandates and promoting its development. They act as a liaison between the Central Government and Haryana and contribute significantly to its progress and governance scenario.

here it is Complete list of former Governors of Haryana from 1966 to 2024,

Former Governor of Haryana (1966-2024)
Sl.No. Name From To
1. Dharma Veera 1 November 1966 14 September 1967
2. Birendra Narayan Chakraborty 15 September 1967 26 March 1976
3. Ranjit Singh Narula 27 March 1976 13 August 1976
4. Jaisukh Red Elephant 14 August 1976 23 September 1977
5. Sardar Harcharan Singh Brar 24 September 1977 9 December 1979
6. Justice Surjit Singh Sandhawalia 10 December 1979 27 February 1980
7. Ganpatrao Devji penance 28 February 1980 13 June 1984
8. Syed Muzaffar Hussain Burney 14 June 1984 21 February 1988
9. Hari Anand Barari 22 February 1988 6 February 1990
10. Dhanik Lal Mandal 7 February 1990 13 June 1995
11. Mahabir Prasad 14 June 1995 18 June 2000
12. Babu Parmanand 19 June 2000 1 July 2004
13. Om Prakash Verma 2 July 2004 7 July 2004
14. Akhlakur Rehman Kidwai 7 July 2004 27 July 2009
15. -Jagannath Prasad 27 July 2009 26 July 2014
16. Captain Singh Solanki 27 July 2014 25 August 2018
17. Satyadev Narayan Arya 25 August 2018 6 July 2021
18. Bandaru Dattatreya 7 July 2021 Incumbent

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