List of Lakes in Uttar Pradesh

One of the most populous and historically rich states of India, Uttar Pradesh is known not only for its vibrant culture and heritage but also for its diverse natural landscapes. Among these natural treasures are its many lakes, each with its own unique charm and significance. From tranquil water sources amidst lush greenery to huge reservoirs offering breathtaking views, of Uttar Pradesh Lake A paradise for nature lovers and travelers. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the stunning lakes that grace the landscape of Uttar Pradesh.

What is a lake?

A A lake is a large body of water, usually freshwater, that is surrounded by land, Formed through various natural processes such as glaciation, volcanic activity or tectonic activities, lakes vary in size, shape and depth. They play essential roles in ecosystems, providing habitat for various plant and animal species, as well as serving as a source of drinking water, recreation, and irrigation for human communities.

lakes of uttar pradesh

There are many lakes in Uttar Pradesh, each with its own unique charm. From Lucknow’s historic upper lake to peace Ramgarh Tal in GorakhpurThese water bodies provide picturesque settings for leisure activities and relaxation. whether it is sacred Surasarovar in Mathura or hidden gem Renuka Lake in SonbhadraThe lakes of Uttar Pradesh attract tourists with their serene beauty.

List of lakes in Uttar Pradesh

Some notable lakes of Uttar Pradesh include Ramgarh Lake in Gorakhpur, Upper Lake (Big Pond) in Lucknow, Moti Lake in Bareilly.Barua Sagar Lake near Jhansi, and Surasarovar (Kusum Sarovar) in Mathura.

Here is the complete list of lakes in Uttar Pradesh:

lakes of uttar pradesh
Sl.No. Lake City
1. Ramgarhtal and Chiluatal gorakhpur
2. Bakhira Lake Sant Kabir Nagar
3. Karela and Itauja Lake Lucknow
4. Nawabganj Lake, Kundra Samundra Unnao
5. Badatal (cowfish) Shahjahanpur
6. Payag Lake Bahraich
7. Parvati or Arga Tal Gonda
8. Jirgo and Tirsi Lakes, Tanda Dari Tal Mirzapur
9. Bhugettal and Visaithatal Rae Bareilly
10. Liloor Lake Bareilly
11. Thithura Lake, Moriya Tal Fatehpur
12. Beti, Ajgara and Nuiya Lake Pratapgarh
13. surha taal Baliya
14. Gaur Lake Rampur
15. spermatheca Muzaffarnagar
16. Ramtal Meerut
17. Kimath Tal Agra
18. Shekhjheel Aligarh
19. Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Sonbhadra
20. Alwara Lake Kosambi
21. inverted rhythm Varanasi
22. Raja’s Dam, Laundhi and Bhojpur Tal Sultanpur
23. Darwan Lake Faizabad
24. Baal Hapara Kanpur
25. Lakshmi Tal, Bausagar and Bhasneh Jhansi
26. ocean pool Badaun
27. Madan Sagar mahoba
28. Pangaili Fulhar or Gomti Tal pilibhit
29. Dahar Lake, Bhejwan Lake Hardoi
30. Deoria Tal Kannauj
31. Bhakha Lake Etawah
32. Sita Kund, Chakra Kund Sitapur
33. Bharatkund Ayodhya
34. Radhakund, Shyamkund, Govindkund and Mansi Ganga Kund. Govardhan, Mathura
35. Kokilakund, Krishnakund Kokila Van, Mathura
36. Nauhajheel Mathura
37. pearl lake Kanpur
38. Chittaura Lake Bahraich
39. Bela Sagar mahoba

Important facts related to lakes of Uttar Pradesh

Some important facts related to the lakes of Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • Keetham Lake Host in Keetham Reserve Forest, Agra 106 migratory bird species Involved siberian stork,
  • Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Lake is the largest man-made lake in Uttar Pradesh.e, is also the second largest in India.
  • Ramgarh Tal Lake holds one near Gorakhpur annual festival Featuring cultural programs and water sports.
  • Jai Samand Lake It was constructed near Agra Mughal emperor Shahjahan,
  • Motijheel Lake Bareilly is famous for sailing and fishing Amidst the temple-like surroundings.
  • Barua Sagar Tal Lake There is a picturesque picnic spot in Jhansi.
  • Sarsai Nawar Lake, Etawah blooms with pink lotus flowers During monsoon.
  • Rani Lake Lake The historical importance of Jhansi is very old. Indian rebellion of 1857.
  • Samaspur Bird Sanctuary Lake Rae Bareli attracts bird lovers due to its diverse bird population.
  • Sidholia Lake Sitapur is famous for its unique floating islands formed by aquatic plants and mud.

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