Longest Beach in the World, List of Top-10

Spread along the coastline and providing a breathtaking view of the vast expanse of the ocean, the beaches hold a special place in the hearts of travelers and nature lovers. Of them, some are known for their extraordinary length, offering miles of pristine sand and mesmerizing landscapes. In this article, we will explore Top 10 longest beaches in the worldEach with its own unique charm and appeal.

World’s longest beach 2024

Praia Do Casinosettled in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, proudly boasts The title of the world’s longest beach, draw a A staggering 158 miles (254 kilometers)) with atlantic coastline, According to Guinness World Records, its vast expanse of white sandy beach is an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, with activities ranging from surfing and swimming to sailing and snorkeling. Visitors can enjoy the warmth of the sun, explore nearby sand dunes and marvel at the Navio Altair shipwreck. Praia do Casino, a hotspot for tourists, invites year-round exploration with its breathtaking waters and friendly local charm.

Key facts about the world’s longest beach

Here are some key facts about Praia do Casino, the world’s longest beach:

  • PlacePraia do Casino is located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, along the South Atlantic Ocean.
  • Length: It has the title of the longest uninterrupted sandy beach in the world, extending from 212 kilometers to 254 kilometers.
  • Word – medium: The name “casino” comes from the Portuguese word “casino”, reflecting the historical presence of gambling establishments on the beach.
  • History: Built in 1890, Praia do Casino is Brazil’s oldest and most popular public beach, developed as a tourist destination by the suburban Manguera company.
  • Guinness World RecordPraia do Casino was officially recognized by Guinness World Records in 1994 as the longest beach in the world.
  • NASA launch site: In 1966, during a total solar eclipse visible from Praia do Casino, NASA scientists and the US military launched rockets to study the upper atmosphere.
  • Casino Ultra Race: The beach hosts the Casino Ultra Race, the world’s largest beach ultramarathon, covering a distance of 230 km on the sand.
  • Tourism: About 150,000 tourists visit annually, with the peak season during December and January, attracting visitors for activities such as swimming and surfing.
  • seal population: Praia do Casino is home to the largest population of seals globally, and boat tours offer tourists the opportunity to see them.
  • Landmarks: Notable attractions include the West Jetty, a stranded ship named Altair, and a Yemanja statue at the entrance to Rio Grande Avenue.

Top 10 longest beaches in the world

Praia Do Casino, brazilwith Length 212 km – 254 km, holds the title of The world’s longest beach, This is followed by Ninety Mile Beach, Cox’s Bazar and Padre Island National Seashore.

Here is the list of top 10 longest beaches in the world:

world’s longest beach
Post beach Place Length
1. Praia do Casino, Brazil Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 212 km – 254 km
2. Ninety Mile Beach, Australia Along the coast of Victoria, Australia. about 144 km
3. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Southeastern Bangladesh 120 km
4. Padre Island National Seashore, United States Texas, USA 113 km
5. Playa Novillero, Mexico Nayarit, Mexico 90 km
6. Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand Northland, New Zealand about 88 km
7. Virginia Beach, USA Virginia, USA 56 km
8. Long Beach, USA Washington, USA 45 km
9. Muizenberg, South Africa near Cape Town, South Africa 40 km
10. Stockton Beach, Australia New South Wales, Australia 32 km

The longest beach in the world – Praia do Casino

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Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Length: 212 km – 254 km

is famous as world’s longest coastlineThis coastal expanse stretches Impressive 157 milesextend from Rio Grande, Brazil, to the border with Uruguay. With different stretches, the beach seamlessly blends with the pristine white sand cool aqua-green water, showcasing the natural splendor of Brazil. Offering moments of solitude, this exceptionally long beach provides an ideal escape from the bustling crowds of Brazil’s vibrant cities.

World’s second largest beach – Ninety Mile Beach

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Location: Along the coast of Victoria, Australia.

Length: Approximately 144 km.

recognized as Second longest beach globally, this wide expanse of sand is a magnet for surf enthusiasts and photographers looking for an untouched beach. Although swimming may not be the most recommended activity due to unpredictable tides, the allure of dolphins and whales adds to the picturesque atmosphere. 90 miles of coastline,

World’s third longest beach – Cox’s Bazar

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Location: Southeastern Bangladesh

Length: 120 km

Ranked as The world’s third longest ‘natural sea’ beacha spread Impressive 93 MilesThis Bangladeshi coastal gem remains a relatively undiscovered paradise due to the limited scope for family holidays in the country. Beyond the main Laboni beach, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of Hamchari Falls And Inani Beach, This has added to the allure of this hidden destination known locally as Panova, meaning “small flower.”

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