Most Corrupt County in the World 2024, List of Top-10

Corruption is a cancer that gnaws at the core of social integrity, hinders progress, undermines trust in institutions and hampers economic growth. While corruption exists to varying degrees around the world, some countries grapple with it more deeply than others. Transparency International, a global anti-corruption organization, annually assesses and ranks countries based on perceived levels of corruption in public sectors. Here, we delve deeper into Top 10 most corrupt countries in the world.

What is corruption perception index?

Corruption Perception Index (CPI) A tool used to rank countries based on perceived levels of corruption within the public sector. Corruption as defined by CPI involves abuse of entrusted power for personal gain. This index is published annually since 1995 The non-governmental organization Transparency International relies on expert assessments and opinion polls to measure the level of corruption.

Most and least corrupt countries in the world 2024

In Latest 2023 CPI, released in January 2024, 180 countries ranked on a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean)), indicating the position between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023. countries like Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden constantly emerge as least corrupt nationEnjoying high scores in international financial transparency.

at the other end of Spectrum, Syria, South Sudan and Venezuela take it lowest scoreEveryone getting 13 pointsWhich indicates significant corruption within their public sectors. somaliawith a score of 11is also included in most corrupt countries in the world According to CPI.

These rankings provide important insights into the global landscape of corruption, highlighting both progress and challenges in tackling unethical practices within governance and public administration.

India’s position in Corruption Perception Index 2024

According to Latest Transparency International reportIndia has been placed Ranked 93rd in Corruption Perception Index (CPI), with score of 39, This represents a slight change from its 2022 position, where it secured 85th position with score of 40, Notably, India’s overall score has remained relatively stable.

Ranking of India’s neighboring counties in CPI 2024

In the same vein, the report highlights that Pakistan, scoring 29 runs and Sri Lankawith score of 34, They were struggling with the burden of their respective debt levels due to political instability. If we look at India’s neighboring countries Afghanistan and Myanmar scored marks of 20, China scored a mark of 42, Japan achieved one score of 73And bangladesh Received score of 24 In CPI.

The ranking is based on the Corruption Perception Index, which Assesses 180 countries and regions around the world in relation to perceptions of corruption in their public sectors. Scores are derived from data 13 Provided by external sourcesincluding the World Bank, World Economic Forum, Private risk and consulting firms, think tanks and others. These scores reflect the viewpoint of experts and business professionals rather than the general public.

Top 10 most corrupt countries in the world 2024

rule of law index This highlights a worrying trend of declining effectiveness in justice systems across the world. Countries that score poorly on this index also rank lower. Corruption Perception Index (CPI), There is a clear relationship indicated between access to justice and the prevalence of corruption.

here is the list Top 10 most corrupt countries in the world 2024:

Most corrupt countries in the world 2024
Post Country score
1. somalia 11
2. Venezuela 13
3. Syria 13
4. South Sudan 13
5. Yemen 13
6. nicaragua 17
7. haiti 17
8. Equatorial Guinea 17
9. turkmenistan 18
10. Libya 18

List of most corrupt counties in the world 2024, Top-10_40.1

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