National Farmers Society, IndiaAI, Wadhwani Foundation Signs MoU For AI-Driven Agriculture

In a significant development towards revolutionizing India’s agricultural landscape, a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has recently been signed between whom? National Farmers Welfare Program Implementation Society, IndiaAI (Digital India Corporation), And Wadhwani Foundation. This collaborative effort It aims to take India to the forefront of AI-powered digital agricultureLeveraging the expertise and support of the Wadhwani Foundation in designing and executing a robust AI strategy.

Wadhwani Foundation’s role in shaping AI strategy

Wadhwani Foundation, A non-profit organization committed to driving economic growth, it will play a key role in providing critical support for the development and implementation of AI-powered initiatives in the agriculture sector. With a focus on entrepreneurship, small business expansion, innovation and skill development, the Foundation’s partnership is expected to bring transformational change in the agricultural ecosystem.

Advocating a network-centric approach: InDEA 2.0

Ministry of Electronics & IT, Government of India, is actively advocating the network-centric approach of India Digital Ecosystem Architecture (InDEA) 2.0. This framework, designed to facilitate large IT architectures for both government and private entities, enables seamless delivery of integrated services crossing organizational boundaries.

Unveiling InDEA 2.0: A Framework for Digital Transformation

India Digital Ecosystem Architecture 2.0 (InDEA 2.0) is a comprehensive framework designed to support the digital transformation of various sectors with a particular focus on agriculture. This framework empowers government and private enterprises to design and implement large-scale IT architectures that enhance efficiency and service delivery.

AI-based technologies under InDEA 2.0 to benefit agriculture

Under the InDEA 2.0 framework, cutting-edge AI-based technologies have been adopted to benefit farmers across the country. Two notable initiatives include:

1. Kisan e-Mitra: AI-powered chatbot for PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

  • An AI powered chatbot that resolves farmers’ queries regarding PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.
  • accessible in Hindi, Tamil, Oriya, Bengali and EnglishMaking it inclusive and accessible to a wide variety of farmers.

2. National Pest Surveillance System: Enhancing Crop Health with AI and ML

  • Developed in collaboration with the private sector, the system uses AI and machine learning (ML) models to detect crop problems.
  • Provides timely information to farmers for prompt action, Aim to improve crop healthPotentially increasing yields and improving the livelihoods of farmers.

Wadhwani Foundation: A catalyst for economic growth

established in the year 2000Wadhwani Foundation has consistently supported these initiatives To promote employment generation, innovation and skill development, Its active participation in the agriculture sector is expected to bring about a paradigm shift in sync with the broader mission of driving economic growth through effective interventions.

Important questions related to exam

1. Which organization developed the India Digital Ecosystem Architecture 2.0 (InDEA 2.0) framework?

2. What is the primary focus of Kisan e-Mitra initiative under InDEA 2.0?

3. In which languages ​​is Kisan e-Mitra Chatbot available?

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National Farmers Society, IndiaAI, Wadhwani Foundation sign MoU for AI-powered agriculture_40.1

National Farmers Society, IndiaAI, Wadhwani Foundation sign MoU for AI-powered agriculture_50.1

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