Pakistan’s First Sikh Minister in Punjab

Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora, A Three-time Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) In Pakistan, has become the first sikh minister In Punjab Province, He took oath as minister on Wednesday, representing Minority community In the provincial assembly.

inclusive cabinet

Cabinet formed in Punjab by newly elected Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) led by government Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif, The inclusion of Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora shows the government’s commitment. representing all communities,

Pledge to support minorities

In a statement, Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora, 48, said, “This is the first time since Partition in 1947 That a Sikh has been included in the cabinet of Punjab province. I will not work just for safety and well-being Sikhs but all minoritiesInvolved Hindu and Christian Living in Pakistan.”

Background and achievements

  • Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora was born Nankana Sahib And he has a postgraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and SME Management.
  • He contributed before coming into politics World Bank Poverty Reduction Program in Pakistan.
  • In 2008, he founded Mojas FoundationDedicated to helping the underprivileged in Pakistan.
  • He was re-elected as MPA from narowalHis hometown and place Gurudwara Sri Kartarpur SahibThe last resting place of Guru Nanak.
  • Last year, he was appointed as “ambassador at large” For kartarpur corridor,

The appointment of Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora as the first Sikh minister in Pakistan’s Punjab province is a historic milestone. His commitment to support all minority communities, including Sikhs, Hindus and Christians, reflects the government’s inclusive approach. With his background in social work and experience in politics, Sardar Ramesh Singh Arora is ready to advocate for the rights and welfare of minorities in Pakistan.

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