PepsiCo to invest $400 million more in two new plants in Vietnam

PepsiCo, The US food and beverage giant has committed to make additional investments $400 million In Vietnam. The decision was made public last week during a visit to Vietnam by delegations from more than 60 US enterprises, including Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverages.

Investment Details:

  1. Place: The investment will be directed towards the construction of two new plants.
  2. Renewable energy: Both plants will be powered by renewable energy sources, in line with PepsiCo’s sustainability goals.
  3. Southern Plant: One plant will be located in southern Long An province, with an estimated cost of more than $300 million.
  4. Northern Plant: A second plant focusing on food processing will be located in northern Ha Nam province, requiring an investment of $90 million.

project timeline:

  • The report did not give any specific details about the timing of the commissioning of the two factories.
  • However, it was noted that Ha Nam Factory An investment certificate was granted late last year and it is scheduled to begin operations third quarter Of 2025.

PepsiCo’s presence in Vietnam:

  • PepsiCo has been operating in Vietnam since 1994 and currently operates five factories across the country.

PepsiCo to invest another $400 million in two new plants in Vietnam_40.1

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