Professor Meena Charanda Honored with ‘International Culture Award’ 2024

Professor Meena CharandaPrincipal of Kalindi College, Delhi Universityhas been awarded the prestigious award ‘International Culture Award’ for the year 2024, Prof. Charanda has received this honor for his remarkable work in his field. Education and Social Service, awards ceremony held 30 March 2024But India International Center,

Highlights of the award

During the award ceremony, Prof. Charanda was awarded this award:

  • A Memento
  • A plaque
  • A shield
  • A Citation from University

selection committee

Who was selected for the ‘International Culture Award’? 5 member committee led by K Yogesh, President, Socrates Social Research University (Trust), The committee included experienced members from various fields.

Even more than this according to Yogesh 50 women Was considered for this honour, but Prof. Charanda was ultimately selected for her excellent work in education, social service and other fields Excellent research in the field of political science,

Other Award Winners

While Professor Charanda was honored for his contributions, the committee also selected his other women and men For ‘International Culture Award’, the names of which will be announced soon.

About Professor Meena Charanda

  • Pro. Have been teaching in Charanda Department of Political Science For more than Kalindi College two decades,
  • she keeps one PhD degree from Delhi Universitywhere he studied Dalit Sabhas of Uttar Pradesh,
  • Pro. Charanda has written a book on this Role of Dalit MLAs in Uttar Pradesh Assembly,
  • he has published more than 50 articles In various newspapers and magazines.
  • currently, two phd researchers Doing research under the guidance of Professor Charanda.

The ‘International Culture Award’ recognizes the remarkable contributions of Professor Meena Charanda in the fields of education, social service and academic research, making her a worthy recipient of this prestigious honour.

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