Sea Defenders-2024: U.S – India Joint Exercise Bolsters Indo-Pacific Maritime Cooperation

Arrival of US Coast Guard Cutter Bartholome at Port Blair signals the beginning ‘Sea Defenders-2024,’ a joint exercise between United States Coast Guard (USCG) And this Indian Coast Guard (ICG), Scheduled for March 9-10, 2024, the exercise reflects the deep strategic ties between the two countries and aims to enhance maritime security and maintain the rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.

Mix of expertise and capabilities

  • Simulated Scenario: The exercise covers various maritime threats including piracy, asymmetric drone attacks, search and rescue missions, fire fighting exercises, pollution response, drug interdiction and medical evacuation.
  • Operational Coordination: Through various exercises, ‘Sea Defenders-2024’ aims to enhance the readiness level and operational synergy between the USCG and ICG, thereby ensuring effective cooperation in countering maritime challenges.

development of partnership

  • High level engagement: Regular high-level interactions and collaborative efforts in training and operational exercises have fostered mutual understanding and strengthened the partnership between the ICG and the USCG.
  • Previous engagements: The visit of USCG Ship Midget to Chennai in September 2022 symbolizes the commitment to enhance maritime cooperation between India and the United States.

Indian Coast Guard: Protecting maritime interests

  • Multi-Mission Unit: The Indian Coast Guard, under the command of the Director General of Indian Coast Guard (DGICG), operates throughout the year to safeguard India’s maritime interests.
  • Organizational Structure: Structured into five regional commands, each overseen by an Inspector General, the ICG performs a broad spectrum of capabilities in surface and air operations.

Promoting global maritime security

  • Importance of cooperation: ‘Sea Defenders-2024’ underlines the importance of international cooperation in addressing maritime threats and promoting stability in Indo-Pacific waters.
  • Approach to security: By combining efforts, India and the United States contribute to a peaceful, secure and rules-based maritime domain, underscoring their commitment to global maritime security.

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