Smallest District in Himachal Pradesh, Know the District Name

is located within Chitrakoot Dham Mandal, Hamirpur of Uttar Pradesh district A quaint enclave known for its tranquil landscape and cultural heritage Smallest district of Himachal Pradesh, The district, headquartered at Hamirpur town, consists of four tehsils and seven blocks, reflecting its administrative diversity. Spread over 4,121.9 square kilometers, It supports a population of 1,104,285, which is predominantly Hindi speaking. Hamirpur has 617 villages and maintains a balanced gender ratio with 5,93,537 males and 5,10,748 females, promoting a harmonious community environment.

Smallest district of Himachal Pradesh, name

hamirpur districtNestled in the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, is famous for its tranquil environment and rich cultural heritage. With Hamirpur town serving as its administrative centre, the district is a Integral part of Chitrakoot division, spread out In an area of ​​4,121.9 square kilometersit stands as Smallest district of Himachal Pradesh,

Smallest district of Himachal Pradesh – Economy

However, despite being modest in size, Hamirpur district boasts of a diverse economic landscape. In 2006 it was identified as One of the 250 most backward districts of the country,Concentrated developmental efforts are required. The district is one of the recipients of funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme, which facilitates initiatives aimed at socioeconomic upliftment.

Demography of the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh

With its serene environment, Hamirpur district is home to a The population as of 2011 census is 1,104,285. with population Density of 268 inhabitants per square kilometer, it reflects a harmonious mix of diverse communities. The district has seen appreciable population Growth rate between 2001 and 2011 was 5.78%.

Smallest district of Himachal Pradesh – Religion and language

The cultural fabric of Hamirpur is rich in its religious and linguistic diversity. Hindu religion becomes stronger, 91.46% population adopted itWhereas islam After this there is 8.26%. Hindi serves as the primary language for communicationSpoken by 66.43% of the population, followed by Bundeli and Urdu.

Notable persons from the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur has a list of notable personalities who have made significant contributions to its cultural and political landscape. are among them Ashok Kumar Singh ChandelA prominent BJP MLA, and Pushpendra Singh ChandelA respected MP representing the district.

Smallest District of Himachal Pradesh – Villages and Literacy

The district comprises many vibrant villages, each with its own distinct charm and character. Hamirpur tehsil, with Population density 330 inhabitants per square kilometerreflects a mix of urban and rural lifestyles. Literacy rate is 60.10%, To demonstrate the district’s commitment towards education and knowledge dissemination.

Himachal Pradesh state at a glance

  • Country: India
  • Area: North India
  • Build: 1 November 1956
  • statehood: 25 January 1971
  • capital: Shimla (Dharamshala – Winter)
  • the largest cityY: Shimla
  • districts:12
  • Government: unicameral state legislature
  • Governor: Shiv Pratap Shukla
  • Chief Minister: Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu (Congress)
  • high Court: Himachal Pradesh High Court
  • Area: 55,673 km2 (Rank: 18th)
  • Population (2011)): 6,864,602 (Rank: 21st)
  • density: 123/km2 (Urban: 10.03%, Rural: 89.97%)
  • official language: Hindi (Additional Officer : Sanskrit)
  • Literacy (2011)): 86.06% (Rank: 10th)
  • Sex ratio (2011)): 972♀/1000 ♂ (Rank: 32nd)

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